Power Of Logistics Applications

In today’s fast moving world, there is no scope for delays and slow actions. Everything needs to be fast and accurate. Being fast is one aspect, but being accurate at the same time may not seem feasible for humans and there are bound to be errors. In this article, you will know about The Power Of Logistics Applications. 

Nevertheless, these errors cost dear when it comes to business and they spell disaster and total loss. Hence, to set aside human errors, it is advisable to put in use advanced technology and that of course, comes in form of mobile applications.

Warehousing is a big industry and logistics play important role in smooth functioning of the organization. Right from the acquisition of raw materials and its inward delivery to packaging of ready items and outward shipment can be simplified by convenient use of power of logistics applications. 

It is a well known fact that logistics apps lessen the burden of all paper work and minimizes time and efforts, thus increasing productivity and profit. Here are few ways in which logistics app aids the transportation process. This is vital, since due to technology advancement all businesses are going global and need expert monitoring.


As more developed facilities are available at man’s disposal, the patience level and willingness to wait has diminished. Everybody wants their order to be delivered at an earliest, within stipulated time frame. Hence, the journey between the warehouse and destination location needs to be as short and smooth as possible. This is possible through real- time traffic information system that enables the trucker to follow the ideal route to beat the traffic and reach in time. Remember, delays in delivery mean unhappy customer and subsequently, loss of business. Google Maps indeed help in showing various routes from point or origin to destination. Thus, real-time traffic information shows exact condition on different routes and facilitates the truck driver to adopt the shortest and less traffic congested route.


Just putting the truck on a prescribed route is not enough. There needs to be monitoring of the progress of its movement to determine the route that the truck is following and the estimated time it will take for travel. Location tracking is necessary to understand the delays if any, the exact location of the goods at a given time and also the spot of vehicle breakdown, if it occurs. Under such circumstances, the owner has the ability to send help for repairs and further advancement of transport. GPS satellite constantly tracks the location 24/7. The location tracking unit from the vehicle transmits these signals through cellular tower to Cloud Server and from there they reach the tracker’s device. However, network connectivity and proper range play crucial role in signal transmission.

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Route optimization and location tracking is not enough to monitor smooth flow of the supply chain. There are chances of on-route hiccups that may delay the services due to most unforeseen reasons, the most common being vehicle breakdown or unfortunate accident.

Having a fleet of transport vehicles and managing them for efficient service is essential for growing business. The app ascertains to cover various issues like maintenance, risk management, energy management (to identify gas stations on route), tools & technology (tracking vehicle) and others. 

Hence, if at all there are delays in delivery, the application dashboard collects and displays the data for satisfactory information to the owner and client. This helps in pacifying the irate customer and prevents business loss, since it is valid reason and proof for the unfortunate delay.


Warehousing and transportation is a big and risky business. There are chances of losses on route and this may lead to distrust and anxiety on the part of customer, who entrusts valuable cargo to the transportation company for delivery from one location to the other.

Right from the point where the goods are loaded in the truck, to the point of delivery the entire process is tracked and managed. The end-user is well aware of the truck carrying his cargo with the number of items dispatched and expected, as well as the route that the transport vehicle has planned. 

This app helps to build trust between the customer and transportation company. The end-user has the liberty to track his consignment at any time and has assurance that the goods ordered have been loaded properly. In case the pick-up is from different warehouses that too can be identified through the app.

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The current modern technology has no doubt helped in easing our problems and made work and life simpler. Nonetheless, it has also posed security threats in form of hackers, who disrupt the systems and steal valuable client and company data. 

In order to fight this, installation of Security System is a must in the logistics app. When a customer entrusts his goods to the company for delivery, he also shares his critical information with the transporters. This is supposed to be private and confidential and if hacked, poses problems for both, the logistics and the end-user. Therefore, a secure app relieves the tension of misuse and guarantees data safety.


Any application developer who can install data encryption in the logistics app can help circumvent the above mentioned security hazards. This builds client’s trust that their data and goods are in safe hands.

Besides client safety, the transport management system enhances warehouse efficiency and inventory control, establishes increased customer service and thus improves business.

The entire supply-chain process has smooth functioning if there is proper channelization of the system. Effective stock taking (inward and outward), systematic sorting and packaging and carefully planned distribution across various locations, teamed with efficient transportation system is vital for successful business.


Warehousing and logistics go hand in hand. For improved performance, client satisfaction and regular business, logistics app is a must. Gone are the days of local trading and services. Now all the companies aim for global presence, thanks to modern mobile applications development. Hence, to leave lasting footprints across the world and build loyal clientele with total trust in your organization, it is vital to stay in tune with the high tech world. Adopt all necessary apps to minimize manual labor and errors and ensure speed and safety. After all, they say “Time is Money” and a quick turnaround guarantees more business and profits.


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