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You can become a contributor at latest bulletins. We are always looking for brilliant and passionate writers to join our contributor’s network. We invite to those writers, startups, and established businesses to contribute to our versatile topics website.

Read our contributor guidelines

  • Original and creative concepts, well written, and high-quality content. We will not publish anything that has already been published elsewhere.
  • Must write and send more than 600 words article.
  • The article reflects the casual style, include headings, bullet points, and small paragraphs.
  • No more than one external link to your company’s website but you can add few reference links like Wikipedia or any other trusted source.
  • We don’t accept anything that’s too promotional for your company, products, and services.
  • Also offensive and link building scheme related content is not acceptable.
  • Your post will be permanent, dofollow backlinks and promoted on the social media.

Write for Us in the following categories

  • Trending News and Media
  • Social Matters and Environmental Issues
  • Science, Technology, and Engineering
  • Shopping, Fashion, and Accessories
  • Health, Fitness, and Beauty
  • Real Estate and Home Improvement
  • Business, Finance, and Insurance
  • Entertainments, Arts, and Crafts
  • Automotive, Aircraft and Boats

Which Topics We Publish

Latest Bulletins accepts submissions in the following categories:

  • Technology
  • SEO
  • Domain and Hosting
  • PHP
  • Inspiration
  • App Development
  • Web Apps/Software’s
  • Internet
  • Bitcoin
  • Reviews
  • Business
  • Brand
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Success
  • Startup
  • Strategic advice
  • Relationship building
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology
  • Business Growth
  • WordPress
  • All CMS
  • Social Commerce

or any tech-related quality article.

Your Advantage of  Write for Us:

Latest bulletins is the largest mobile app and web development company and becomes part of us is very beneficial for you.

  • Boost Traffic: Your Article is submitted is all search engines in 24 hours and gets traffic for your site.
  • Backlink: Get Targeted do-follow backlink for your website to boost SEO visibility.
  • SEO Study: We are trying to best SEO strategy to boost your article in all search engines. we are in touch with you for changes and submission for the best SEO practice.
  • Social Media Engage: Every Article is published in our large social media family includes Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Medium Page.

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Before you submit, know that due to the number of posts we receive, Maybe Delay replying to every submission. It is safe to assume that if we do not reply to you within two weeks, your submission will not be published.

Drop me a mail at GeniusUpdates1 (AT) Gmail (DOT) com

  • Email Subject:–  Guest post for latestbulletins
  • Name:– Your Complete Name
  • Bio:- Full Bio in Maximum 250 Words
  • Social Links:- A link to your Facebook Account/page, Twitter account, LinkedIn or any other popular Social Networking sites.
  • Article:- Attach your Article with Image/Video links in a Word.DOC file and send it to the above-specified Email address.

Apply to Become a Contributor

  • Please send your content contribution inquiry with the subject “guest posting”, “write for us” or “article posting”.
  • Attach your content doc, relevant images, and a short bio.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the Light The Minds, Email at GeniusUpdates1 (AT) Gmail (DOT) com to submit your work. Once your email received in our system, our team member will reply back to you for the futher process.


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