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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.


Good Morning Messages for Lover: Importance and More

Introduction Individuals track down a good morning text as something so trivial and whimsical. Notwithstanding, it is one of the best things one can do...
dog food brand

The Best Dog Food Brand And How To Choose One!

One of the most basic necessities of dogs is a proper diet. One of the most effective methods to keep your dog healthy is...
most friendly dog breeds

Which Are The Most Friendly Dog Breeds?

Dogs are affectionate animals who like making new acquaintances, which is why they are known as man's best friend. Dogs are typically good-natured creatures....
new haircuts for men

Some new haircuts for men that are trending in 2021

Why new haircuts for men play an important role in a man’s look? This article lists the best assortment of men's haircuts and cool hairstyles....
Travel restrictions to Turkey

Travel restrictions to Turkey: Can you travel Turkey?

The Coronavirus episode has taken a toll on traveling throughout the most last 12 months. With the overall spread of COVID-19, individuals are dropping...
archetypal Trickster

Archetypal Trickster That Provoke and Heighten Your Consciousness

Tricksters defy duality: they are both light and dark, heroic and villainous, foolish and wise, benign and malicious. At the same time, they’re lovable;...
climbing gym near me

Love Rock Climbing? Find the best climbing gym near me.

Rock climbing is a sport of calculated risks. Using different techniques and holds of the rocks, the climber can negotiate that obstacle with no...
Nowadays you see them everywhere, because compression stockings are becoming more and more popular. But when should you wear them? One runner wears them while running, the other prefers to wear them after intensive training to promote recovery. But what about that exactly? There are no exact rules when you should wear compression stockings. Some runners like to wear them while running to increase circulation in their calf and lower leg muscles. For others, the socks may feel uncomfortable or they may find the stocking too warm. But one thing is certain; compression stockings must be tightly connected, otherwise it is of no use. It's okay if you feel some pressure and the socks leave a mark on your skin. But they shouldn't be so tight that it hurts. In addition, the substance is also important. Injuries Wearing compression stockings has been shown to have many benefits for a variety of injuries. Mainly shin problems (shin splints), muscle cramps, Achilles tendon complaints and blood circulation complaints. Performance In addition, wearing the stockings can promote the pumping function of the heart.During exercise, the blood flows through the lower leg muscles back to the heart and the blood along the way exchanges waste products for nutrients and oxygen-rich blood. The stockings support this effect, because wearing the socks ensures that the waste products are removed more easily. This means that less waste is left in your lower legs, so that the muscles can continue to work properly. This was also shown in a survey of 21 recreational runners in 2009. They performed a maximum exercise test without and with compression stockings. The total time of the exercise test was considerably higher with compression stockings, and the anaerobic threshold was also at a higher speed with the stockings. Another study found that these improvements could not be explained by a difference in heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output or oxygen uptake during exercise. Recovery But it also has advantages to wear socks after a run. Research among recreational athletes shows that they experience less muscle soreness after a 10 kilometer workout when they use compression stockings with decreasing pressure. This may be explained by a reduced rise in the enzyme CK when using the stockings. CK is an enzyme required for recovery after high intensity exercise and is associated with muscle damage. So do you prefer to wear your compression stockings or support socks during an intensive training or after training to promote recovery? In any case, it does not matter, because in both cases it has a beneficial effect.

When should you wear compression stockings?

Nowadays you see them everywhere, because compression stockings are becoming more and more popular. But when should you wear them? One runner wears them...
Perfect pair of socks

4 Popular Sock Patterns and How to Wear Them

Not all socks are created equal. That’s one of the things that makes socks so great. Socks come in all types of styles and...
Bar Experiences in Chicago

Best Bar Experiences in Chicago

Chicago has a great bar scene. You can visit dive bars, fancy bars and bars with great food and fascinating people. Some bars are...

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