Anthony Anderson Net Worth

During sorrowful times, many people love to watch comedies to put a smile on their faces. That is why comedy acting was famous before and also in present times. As a result, actors have built their careers in comedy acting. Anthony Anderson is one of them who gained massive success through comedy. Today, we will discover Anthony Anderson net worth and how he earns it through humor.

Who is Anthony Anderson?

Anthony Anderson is an American actor. He is well known for his comedy sense. He is widely recognized for his role as Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson, The leading character of the famous comedy series Black-ish. Anthony appears on several popular television programs, such as Iron Chef America, where he is a regular judge. He is also a game show host.

Short Bio of Anthony Anderson

Full Name Anthony Anderson
Birthdate August 15, 1970 (age 53)
Birthplace Compton, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Comedian, Game show host
Height 5’ 10” (1.78 m)
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $30 million

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Anthony Anderson’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $30 million. Mainly, his television and film career is the reason behind this massive net worth. People are attracted to his charming appearance with a charismatic comedy sense. With this fame, Anthony gained enormous success in his every career attempt, which drove him to this massive net worth.

Early Life

Anthony Anderson was born in Compton, California. His mother was an American actress and telephone operator, and his stepfather was a worker in a steel mill factory. Later, his father owned three cloth shops. Anthony started his high school at Hollywood High School and graduated in 1988. Later, he attended Howard University and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2022.

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Facts Behind Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Early Career Breakthrough

Anthony started his career as a television actor. In 1995, he made his television debut as a minor character in an American sitcom named “In the House.”

Later, Anthony made his first main role debut in another  television sitcom, “Hang Time 1996-1998).” This series was an international series that premiered in a total of 13 countries, including the United States. Anthony appeared in a main role for the second and third seasons of that series. He got his popularity very soon and rose top to fame.

With this fame, Anthony appeared in several TV series until his film debut in 1999. Anthony played as a supporting character in his debut film “Liberty Heights.” This was a successful popular film. From those early beginnings, Anthony gained colossal fame and accumulated some wealth. Thus, his breakthrough acting career built a foundation for his future net worth.


After a successful career breakthrough, Anthony gained massive recognition in the Hollywood industry. Many directors want to sign a contract with him. As a result, Anthony acted in several films. His first starring role was in 2000 on “Me, Myself & Irene.” the film became a superhit after its release and hit the box office with a total earning of $149.3 million.

After this incredible success, Anthony acted in many. Box-office hit films. Such as  “See Spot Run,” “Kingdom Come,” “Barbershop: The Next Cut,” ”The Power of Few,” and many more. Most of these films were very popular and earned millions. Undoubtedly, Anthony has gained a lot of money through his acting in those films.


Anthony’s first main role in the “In the House” sitcom became so popular. He gained much of people’s attention through his character. After that, he appeared on many popular shows. Thus, his fame rose to the top. With this fame, Anthony has acted on over more than hundreds of TV shows and series.

Anthony Anderson Net Worth

His most famous and long-timed-running television shows are ‘Law & Order,” “Guys with Kids,” “To Tell the Truth” and many others. Anthony got paid for his every appearance on those shows. This earning from television is also a primary source of Anthony’s net worth.

Voice Over

Besides acting, Anthony has also voiced over several animated films and TV cartoon series. Some of his voice-over popular animated films are “Ferdinand,” “The Star,” “Arthur & the Invisibles” and so on. Anthony also voiced television cartoon series, such as “Doc McStuffins,” “Blaze and the Monster Machines,” and many others.

Anthony also gives his voice to four popular video game characters. Those are “Scarface: The World Is Yours,” “Def Jam: Icon,” “Diablo III,” and “Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.” Almost all of Anthony’s voice-over projects were successful. As a result, he received a massive amount of money from those projects, which increased his net worth.


As Anthony’s fame spread widely, many big brands wanted to prompt their brands through him. For this purpose, Anthony made many commercials to promote those brands, such as “T-Mobile,” “ Smirnoff Red, and many others. Anthony got paid for his promotions of those brands.


Anthony Anderson has won 11 awards and has been nominated for 39 times. His winning awards are-

  • Best Ensemble in (2002, 2007)
  • Best Ensemble in a Motion Picture in 2006
  • Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series (2015- 2017)
  • Great Actor in a Comedy Series (2018 – 2022)

 Personal Life

Anthony Anderson married Alvina in 1999. Together, they have two children. Anthony and Alvina separated in 2014. Alvina filed for divorce in 2015. Later, they reconciled, and Anthony’s wife withdrew the petition against him. However, in 2022, Alvina again filed for divorce for the second time. Anthony’s son, Nathan, starred in a Netflix sitcom,  “Richie Rich” and starred in “Black-ish” as a guest.


How much does Anthony Anderson make?

Anthony Anderson’s per-year earning is estimated to be $9 million.

How much is Anthony Anderson’s net worth?

Anthony Anderson’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $30 million.

Does Anthony Anderson have a family?

Yes, Anthony has a beautiful family with his two children.

Does Anthony Anderson have a son?

Yes, Anthony has a son, and his name is Nathan, who starred in some recent TV series.

Final Thoughts

Anthony’s career journey was not so smooth for him. But after all, he overcame difficulties and gained success in his every career attempt. Anthony Anderson net worth is a testament to that.

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