flowers in the office

Flowers make you happier, less stressed and more relaxed. In addition, they also have a positive effect on communication and work experience in the office! Enough reasons to put more flowers in the office more often, you might say. We explain exactly how it works in this article.

The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study is the leading research into the influence of flowers on people, and it produced some remarkable results. The head of the research sums it up: “Not only do flowers make people happier than we thought, but they also have a strong positive effect on our emotions.” The three main conclusions of the study are as follows:

Flower make you happier during work

During the study, all participants received flowers such as letterbox gifts or letterbox flowers, after which they were asked for a response. Worldwide, the reactions turned out to be the same: everyone felt better and the feeling they got was described as ‘happy’. Now that’s not a very surprising result, because who doesn’t make flowers happy? But that’s a good reminder! More flowers in the office means more happy employees in the office.

Better communication

An environment with flowers is more inviting for a good conversation between employees. During the study, the threshold for asking something or having a chat was lowered at large offices, which resulted in a better working atmosphere and work experience. This is of course extremely important in the workplace.

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Less stress during work when you are surrounded by flowers

People who, at home or in the office, are surrounded by flowers feel less stressed and more relaxed. It is therefore not surprising that the research showed that a working environment with flowers is experienced as more pleasant than a working environment without flowers.

Get started

After receiving the bouquet, it is best to get started right away. Remove all packaging and rubber bands and cut diagonally about 5 cm from the bottom of the stems. You do this because the stems grow closed if they are out of water for more than a few minutes, and therefore no longer absorb enough water. The diagonal cut ensures that the flowers have as large a surface as possible to absorb water.

Don’t be afraid to trim the stems, because with a long stem, the path from the water to the flower can sometimes be too long. And by the way, don’t cut them with scissors but with a sharp knife, because otherwise you can damage the stems.

Also remove the leaves from the stems that touch the water, as bacteria can easily multiply on them. And as a result, stems rot and flowers die sooner.

Use a clean vase

Take a nice vase and clean it with soapy water. Rinsing with water once is not enough, because bacteria from flowers that were previously in the vase can still be present and affect the new bunch. Then fill the clean vase with lukewarm tap water and place the flowers in it. Cut flower food is allowed, but not necessarily necessary.

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