Cleaning the metal water bottle

Most people says that they do not believe in investing money in the bottles like stainless steel because they are not sanitary. Instead, they prefer to use the plastic material water bottles because a person can just use and throw them. But let me give you a reality check. Plastic things or plastic bottles are not at all that sanitary in nature the way they are perceived by people. Moreover, the single-use plastic bottle is most likely to have the leaching harmful chemicals into the water each time a person drinks it. Therefore, using a reusable stainless steel water bottle is 100 percent a better option for the environment along with a better option for human health. Yes, we can understand that cleaning the reusable stainless steel bottle as thoroughly as possible is a bit difficult for all of us. Because many times it happens that it might not get cleaned as we want because of its shape, design, as well as size of the bottle. Therefore, to answer this question the following are some of the major as well as primary cleaning metal water bottle available in the market. Have a look at them:

  1. Cleaning with vinegar is one of the best ways to sanitize or clean the stainless steel bottle.

It is been said that White vinegar is considered to be an amazingly effective and economical cleaning agent for people who use stainless steel bottles in their daily lives. 

Then the Standard white vinegar is also a kind of clear solution to clean the bottles but the levels of acidity of it make it great for cutting through grease, grime, as well as all other harmful bacteria, which can build-up in contained and in moist spaces. 

As per the reports of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, it is been said that the vinegar is only 4 to of 7 percent acid along with almost 93 to 96 percent water. However, this concentration of mixture completely depends upon the solution a person has made. 

Vinegar is a very trusted resource by many people as well as experts of the industry. Moreover, it is also used to fight with the infections and also other acute health conditions of the human being since long back from 460 B. C. it was the time when the Hippocrates used vinegar to basically clean the wounds along with treating sores.

  1. Cleaning with a cloth is also one of the best way to clean bottles regularly

The cap of the bottle is considered to be a very crucial part of the cleaning process of the stainless steel bottles. Most of the times, a person is need not to do all the heavy and hectic things in order to clean the stainless steel or any other kind of a bottle made up of other metals. A person can just keep a cap of bottle clean and it is the half work done there only. 

Therefore, in order to clean the stainless steel water bottle’s cap. A person need to soak a clean cloth into the vinegar. Then, let the cap soak in that vinegar cloth for sometime for about 15 to 20 minutes maximum. Or even a person can soak the cap of the bottle for just 2 to 3 minutes when the cap of the bottle has no foul smell or is less dirty.

  1. A person can also try a cleaning tablet

Most people around the globe do not like the smell of vinegar because it is a strong scent. This is considered one of the main reasons that some of the zero wasters do not prefer to use the vinegar as a cleaning tool of the water bottles. And if you are one of them then try using the cleaning tablets.

Basically, the Cleaning tablets are similar to the all-natural one product, which is available on Amazon ecommerce platform. For example there might be a more suitable fit for anyone who can not manage the odor of vinegar. Then this is the more convenient option for them. Because no bottle brush or other unnecessary things are not at all required for it. However, this cleaning tablets requires a lot of shaking.

  1. People can also try using the Baking soda as a cleaning tool of the water bottles

Basically, the Baking soda is considered to be another great option for cleaning the water bottles made up of the different metals like stainless steel or alunimunm. With this baking soda one can clean the reusable stainless steel water bottle so easily as well as comfortably. Because, it is said that the baking soda has all the anti-microbial properties of vinegar that make it heavenly at damaging the bacteria, without any kind of the distinct or fowl smell. Plus, in addition to this, the baking soda is also has its own ability to cut through the hard and foul smell as well as odors that is caused by bacteria, mold, or even other funky types of build ups.

A person needs two ingredients or we can say that two things that are water as well as baking soda in order to clean the stainless steel bottle. Then that person is required to use a bottle brush to coat the paste inside the bottle everywhere and then leave it for 15 to 20 minutes minutes. Just relax for 15 to 20 minutes. After it gently rinse with hot water and let the bottle dry itself.

  1. People can also use the Hydrogen peroxide to clean their bottle

As per the reports as well as studies of the Healthline, it is been said that the food-grade Hydrogen peroxide belongs to a specific dilution of 35 percent H202 along with the 65 percent water. Plus, in addition to this, the solution is used by the food industry to kill the bacteria as well as microorganisms from food packaging materials.


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