where does fgteev live


Before getting to know where does fgteev live, we need to know what exactly fgteev is. FGTEEV aka FGTeev family is a well-known YouTube channel comprising four siblings along with their father, better known as Vincent, and their mother, Samantha. The siblings are Mike, Shawn, Alexis, and Chase. The popularity behind this YouTube family is primarily due to the joyful and mass-appealing video content that it creates. The channel has 20.9 million subscribers as of this date. It has crossed over 20 billion views in total since its inception. The content mainly consists of gaming videos, toy reviews, skits, and various challenges.

where does fgteev live

Where does fgteev live?

fgteev gets live at 3004 Wheatfield Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173.

The origin of the fgteev family is rooted in Louisville, Kentucky, and is currently settled in Los Angeles, California. The house is of suburban type and has plenty of living space for the folks and their kids.

The home of the fgteev family is a single-family residence in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The house number is 3004 and is about 3 miles away from the center of Waxhaw. The exact address is 3004 Wheatfield Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173. The interiors of the home consist of four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is spread over an area of 3004 square feet. The house is priced at 439000 dollars. Vincent Carter or fgteev duddy is the father and the household patriarch.

The family belongs to upstate New York and the families living upstate are the main inspiration for the fgteev family. The other channels are ‘FGTeeV,’ ‘FUNnel Vision,’ ‘FV Family’, ‘TheSkylanderBoy girl’, and ‘DohMuchFun’. All of these belong to the fgteev family itself. The content they create also has videos of fun activities throughout the house.

Controversies around the house

In addition to knowing where does fgteev live, there are controversies surrounding their residence as well. It was raided by the Maryland authorities after it was accused of curtaining child abuse within its premises. However, the charges turned out to be bogus soon after the raid, and the name of the fgteev family was clear of this allegation. However, there was some damage to their reputation.

There are uncertainties around the fact of whether the family lives in Florida or not. While some allege it to be a reality, that it does, many assert the fact that they do reside in North Carolina. Whether you want to be the assertive or hoax-believing side is up to you as an individual.

where does fgteev live

The fame of the fgteev family

The fact that one has an interest in knowing where does fgteev live, proves that this YouTube sensation has earned itself some worldwide fame. The frequent videos and the consistent views on them are the witnesses to it. The creator of this channel was Vincent Carter who is now popular as fgteev duddy. His wife, Samantha Ryan is also an active participant in the channel. She is also known as fgteev mommy.

Together along with their four children and two pet dogs Oreo and Ollie. They regularly keep posting vlogs which include the family doing random stuff in their home and even when going for outings and visiting fun locations. Fgteev occasionally creates music videos as well. The vlogging channel is known as the FV family.

The Skylanders family has many online aliases, but the viewers always keep on surfing the channels and extending their support as a fan base.

Channels under the fgteev family

The lavish house and the vibrant lifestyle of the Skylander family speak of the success they have amassed as a content creator. The earnings of this YouTube entity are not just constricted to one channel on the platform. Every channel gets regular updates on the designated content it is supposed to deliver to its viewers.

The channels that have added to the success of this super fun family are:

  • FGteeV- This is the gaming channel of the Skylanders family, and they keep posting gaming videos and streams. This is done through their Waxhaw house itself.
  • FUNnel Vision- It used to be the Skylander family’s vlogging channel. But it was abandoned a few years back, and all the videos were privatized around the years 2018 and 2019.
  • FV Family- this is the current vlogging channel of the family, and they keep posting regular vlogs of them doing fun activities. This also helps to know in the actual sense where does fgteev live. The vlogs revolve around their house, most of the time.
  • IntellVEVO- This has been the music channel of the FgteeV and music contents were earlier posted on this. It is handled by FgteeV Duddy and now, he occasionally posts videos. The content mainly revolves around Samantha, her wife, and FgteeV Mommy. He does not involve his kids much on this channel.


The FGTeeV channel gets more than 158.15 million views on a monthly basis. The revenue by servings they receive through their monetized channels is the main source of their income. If one predicts, then the channels altogether gather around 635 thousand dollars in ad revenue per month and 10 million dollars per year. This is an estimated value.

However, looking at their house (through their vlogging content, sarcastically), optimistically one can expect their earnings to be close to 18 million a year.

where does fgteev live

Conclusive Insights

The main purpose of this article was to get an insight into where does Fgteev live but that shouldn’t be just restricted to their home and lifestyle. The actual lifestyle can only be known through the ins and outs of the activities of their daily lives. It also should include the channels that mainly add to their earnings of them. Their huge house and property are the speakers of their success chant.

The fgteev is a modern family with a vibrant lifestyle and has worked their way up to the heights they are at on the social platform.