how to tell if someone restricted you on instagram

Instagram is currently one of the largest social media platforms existing in the world today. It has captured the minds of billions that have accessibility to this social platform. Owned by Metaverse, this photo and video sharing social networking service was founded originally by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 and was later acquired by Zuckerberg. The users (you) can share the post publicly or within a certain number of followers, which the user eventually has to gain through friends and known ones or through some socially connecting way.

Although you get to make a lot of friends and connections through this social media service, there are ways in which you might restrict a few accounts (handled by other human entities, of course) and vice-versa. The reason being whatsoever, but once you restrict or get restricted by someone, then there are certain activities and thoroughfares that you or they (ones you restrict) will no longer get access to.

In this article, we are going to see how to tell if someone has restricted you on Instagram.

how to tell if someone restricted you on instagram

How to tell if someone has restricted you on Instagram?

Lately, if you have been noticing something strange on your Instagram handle, as in you haven’t been able to interact with a user, then you need not worry. If you have questions on your mind related to whether you have been subjected to limitations by the latter, you need to read this article.

If you suspect yourself being restricted by a user and don’t know how to tell if someone has restricted your Instagram then there are certain steps that you need to verify to make sure if it’s true. There are features that this social site has provided for these purposes.

Limitation Feature

As you already know that; limitation is a feature that can be accessed by users all around the globe to limit their activities to anyone they wish to. The ones restricted won’t receive any notification or prior information of the one applying the restriction. Neither will the online status nor his/her message read receipt will be visible to the one restricted. Even the comments made by the restricted users will not be visible to others apart from the commentator. However, later one can manually remove the restricted comments if one wishes to. Their messages will also be sent to the message request section automatically; and no more be available in the regular chat feed.

However, these above-mentioned points are ways to know by checking the chat feed, comments, and activity status. This gets hectic as one should understand that restricting an account user doesn’t mean blocking him/her; but just getting limited channels to the account that restricted you. You have access to view the account and followers of the one who has restricted you. You can even like the person’s posts and that like will be shown publicly. So, there are other effective solutions on how to tell if someone has restricted you on Instagram.

how to tell if someone restricted you on instagram

Effective ways to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram

Way 1

One possible solution how to tell if someone has restricted you on Instagram is to check your comments through another account. If you have previously commented on the posts of a user you suspect to have you restricted; this method will prove useful for you. You can create a new Instagram account from a different verification id (e-mails, phone numbers). Once you are done creating a new account; you can go on the search bar of Instagram (in the form of a magnifying glass) and search for the suspected account.

Way 2

While you’re going through the post of the suspected person; if you find that your previously made comments are visible, and the same is not when you’re viewing it from your account. Be sure that you have possibly been restricted by the user. However, being restricted on the comment section is in the hands of the one restricting you; and the user can make those comments public again. The only con of this method is that it is sometimes hard in the case of a private account.

Way 3

Another way of knowing about the restricted activities on your account is by viewing the activity status. For this, you first have to turn your activity status to ‘ON’. This is due to the reciprocating action of the activity status feature. Your own ‘online status will be shown, but you’ll be able to see the active status of others as well. Supposedly, you can’t see the activity status with your account, but it can be done while using the secondary newly created account. Then, there is a possibility too that your account has been restricted.

The only cons of this method are that you have to follow and get accepted by the user you suspect to follow this method. Another con of this method is that if the activity status of the suspected user is turned ‘OFF’,. Then it would be to tell if your account has been restricted, and guessing so wouldn’t be ethical as a social media user.

Way 4

One other solution how to tell if someone has restricted your account is by checking the messages. If you send a message to a user from your primary account and it takes a long time since you receive a response; then it is probable that your account is restricted.

how to tell if someone restricted you on instagram

Conclusive Insights

We haven’t been able to find a definitive answer on how to tell if someone has restricted you on Instagram. We should keep in mind that Instagram isn’t some regular networking app. It is a global platform and has billions of users. If one wishes to break through the barriers it has provided to its users to apply to other fellow users; then one has to think out of the box.


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