QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote

If you are an Apple TV user, you probably have had an issue with your Siri remote not having an AirTag. And you are not the only one. Ever since the Siri remotes have been in use, people have had issues with it not having an AirTag. And recently with the launch of a new Siri remote, Apple Vice President has answered some questions.

QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote has been a topic of conversation for the past couple of weeks. This is because Tim Twerdahl, Vice President of Apple has talked about why even the newer model of the Remote doesn’t have AirTag. If you have faced issues trying to find your Siri remote at home, we have some news for you.

QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote

Why do people want an AirTag on the Siri remotes?

Apple is renowned for its Find My App. It lets apple user track their devices. These devices include a Mac book, an iPad, air pods, etc. In case you can’t find your apple device yourself, the app will track it for you. But the Apple TV Siri remote is the one device that cannot be found by the Find My App. And this is because the device doesn’t have an in-built AirTag.

Now, this is just not a simple difference between the Siri remote and other apple devices. It is a difference that has made people upset. A lot of apple TV users have complained about Sir remotes not having AirTag as it becomes hard to find it. We all know how easily remotes get lost at home. They might get between cushions on the couch nor be at a totally unrelated place when you need it the most. Thus, having AirTag on the remote would be very helpful.

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QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote

Recently, Tim Twerdahl has addressed the issue of Siri not having an AirTag even in the new model. A lot of people had expected the new Siri remotes to have AirTag finally. But that has not happened. Tim has said that the reason they have chosen not to put an AirTag on the remotes is that the newer ones are bulkier. Siri remotes have never been that bulky before which made it easy to get lost. But Tim says that the new size of the Siri remote makes it kind of hard to get lost. It apparently will be easy to spot on a daily basis.

But this doesn’t really solve the issue for everyone. While the new model has a lesser chance of getting lost, people still might have trouble finding it. Almost everyone works from home now, and houses aren’t very tidy during the week. And this is normal. Hence, for people who have families, especially children, it’s very easy to lose a remote among all the clutter. No matter the size of the remote, it is not something that one finds in the same place every day.

More Info To Highlight On!

Hence, people are suggested to buy AirTags separately online and attach them to their remotes. Basically, if you have a habit of losing your Siri remote, you can buy an AirTag online. There are covers available online for the Siri remote that provides a space for the AirTag as well. Thus, your remote can have an AirTag attached to it at all times. Once the AirTag is your remote case, you can easily find the remote on the Find My App.

In case you don’t want to get a cover, you can also stick the AirTag to the remote with double-sided tape. But this is a riskier option as you never know when the glue of the tape will be over, and the AirTag might get separated from the remote. Besides these solutions, you can try the general ones as well. For instance, make sure that everyone in the house keeps the remote on the same table after turning the TV off.

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QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote

FAQs On QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote

  1. Does the new model of Siri remotes have AirTag?

While people were expecting the new model of the Siri remotes to have AirTag, Apple has decided not to add the feature to their new model. This is because they have created bulkier models, which have fewer chances of getting lost.

  1. How can I track my Siri remote?

While the Siri remote doesn’t have an in-built AirTag, you can still track it. All you need to do is buy an AirTag online and a remote cover that has space for the AirTag. This way, the AirTag stays somewhat attached to the remote and allows you to track it with the Find My App.

  1. How can I attach an AirTag to my remote without a Siri remote cover?

You can attach an AirTag to your remote without a Siri remote cover. All you have to do is attach the AirTag to your remote with a double sided tape.


QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote

Final Thoughts On QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote

Apple has been creating some of the best quality products for years. Hence, it is not surprising that people always expect the best from them. But at QA Apple Tim Twerdahl Siri Remote, a lot of people were disappointed at the lack of AirTag on the Siri remotes. They hoped that the company would improve the device when launching a new model. However, there are other ways you can prevent your remote crop from getting lost. And we hope our suggestions will help you. If you have any other questions regarding the remote, make sure to visit Apple’s customer service.

What did you think of this article? Do you think it’s better to keep the remotes bulky without an AirTag? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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