Inside Twitter 170M Robertsdecrypt

We are currently living in the age of social media. It’s a time when the internet really determines everything. A lot depends on the internet and especially social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there is another platform that has been highly active.

If you keep yourself updated on the news, you must have heard about the Inside Twitter 170m Robertsdecrypt. And you might have been confused as to what all of it means. If that is the case for you, keep reading the following article. There’s a lot we have to tell you.

Inside Twitter 170M Robertsdecrypt

What is the whole fuss about Inside Twitter 170m Robertsdecrypt?

To explain what the fuss is about, we need to break it down into a few pieces. Let us start this by telling you about Bitclout.

What is Bitclout?

Bitclout is a social media platform created in January 2021. But more than just being social media, it is a blockchain technology to manage social media.

But this platform has received massive criticism once the details about it have been revealed. It is a very beneficial platform but very vague about its intentions at the same time. You might be wondering how Bitclout works. This is how:

How Bitclout Works?

  • When Bitclout started, it already had fifteen thousand ‘reserved’ accounts. These accounts were mostly made using pictures and information about celebrities. And mind you, the celebrities had no idea all this was happening. Hence, Bitclout has been accused of stealing photos and data of people without their consent. To justify their actions, the founder, Nader El-Naji, has said that they made accounts in the names of celebrities to prevent impostor accounts. While it is some sort of an explanation, not everyone is happy about it.
  • The so-called reserved accounts were each given a coin. Yes, this is a kind of cryptocurrency. Just like crypto, the value of these coins increases and decreases constantly. But they don’t work the same way normal crypto does. The value of a coin goes up if the particular account (celebrity) gets high popularity and people buy the coin. Similarly, if they are less liked, the value of the coin will go down.
  • This is where Bitclout is like a social media platform. Like Twitter and Instagram, you get to follow the celebrities you like. And depending on their reputation on the platform, their crypto value will increase or decrease. This is an excellent way to earn a fan following. And according to the founder of Bitclout, Diamondhands (Bitclout username), the personalities can claim the money they have earned on the platform. This has come as a shock to many since the celebrities did not willingly earn the money on the platform.
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Inside Twitter 170M Robertsdecrypt

How to have an account on Bitclout?

Making an account on Bitclout is the same as making an account anywhere else. And this platform also provides you with full animosity. Now there have been rumors going on that one needs to have a Twitter account in order to have a Bitclout account. That is not true. You can have an account on Bitclout without being on Twitter. However, if you wish to activate an account that has already been designed, you need to tweet about your Bitclout account on Twitter.

Public reaction:

In recent times, a few crucial details about the Inside Twitter 170m Robertsdecrypt issue has been revealed. They are the following:

  1. Bitclout has used data and photos of personalities without their consent.
  2. The reserved accounts under the names of celebrities have earned coins without the knowledge of the celebrities themselves. The famous personalities have no idea that their fame has increased the value of a crypto coin.
  3. Bitclout has earned over 170 million dollars since it launched.

More Reactions!

And the public reaction has been of mainly two kinds. On the one hand, people aren’t happy that their identities were copied without their consent. Besides that, they have also found it ridiculous that the value of a coin is going up based on someone’s fame and not content. While on other platforms, people are working hard on content to earn money, some are earning simply based on followers. This concept has not been appreciated by many, even though the money earned by Bitclout is supposed to be donated to charity.

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On the other hand, some people are really impressed by the idea. The founder of Bitclout has said that it lets you monetize yourself. He has also addressed the issue related to content by saying, “All the positive things you put out in the world will cause people to like you and buy your coin.” This has provided some people with hope. And now, with Bitclout getting popular, some people believe that it has great potential. Moreover, the idea that has sold the most is that you don’t need to do much to earn money if you can manage to get famous.

Without taking any sides, all we can say is that Bitclout is a great platform for famous personalities and for people who aspire to be famous. It is also a great company to invest in. But, it is not a platform where everyone can find success.

Inside Twitter 170M Robertsdecrypt

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of this article, we hope to have explained Inside Twitter 170m Robertsdecrypt in detail. Bitclout has been quite a different kind of social media. Whether it will gain long time success or not, only time will tell. You are always free to do more research if you wish to check out the platform.

What are your thoughts about Bitclout? Do you think it can be beneficial in the long run? Tell us in the comments below.


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