Randy Savage Garage

If you are somebody who loves watching YouTube videos regarding cars, you must know Savage Garage. It is one of the most entertaining channels that post car-related videos. And if you know Savage Garage, you must’ve seen Randy Savage Garage online a couple of times. People are talking about Randy because he has recently passed away.

Who was Randy? Randy Tilim was the founder of the YouTube channel Savage Garage. He was seen in a lot of the channel’s videos and was somebody very loved and supported. But unfortunately, he passed away recently.

As the wonderful person has passed away, it is time to look back at his life and his achievements.

Randy Savage Garage

Randy from Savage Garage Age

Most people know Randy only because of Savage Garage. But he was way more than just his profession. He was a son, a husband, and a father.

Randy was born to his parents in 1971. Hence, he was fifty-one years old when he died. Where he was born and who his parents were is not known. But according to sources, he loved his family a lot.

Randy from Savage Garage Education

Randy completed high school and then college as well. But it is not known what school he went to. When it comes to college, we do have information that Randy attended Harvard University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration, management, economics, and corporate finances. This really helped him in the long run as he went on to start a business and a YouTube channel, which, again, is nothing short of a business.

Randy from Savage Garage Career

Randy was a businessman and entrepreneur. In 1999, he started the company, Clarus Merchant. This company of his will goes on to earn millions of dollars.

Randy was a car enthusiast as well. If you look at the Savage Garage Instagram page, you will see how much Randy loved cars. And he was also a collector. It was beautiful to see how dedicated he was to collecting cars and taking care of them. And out of that love for cars, he started a YouTube channel, Savage Garage, on 9th April 2019. This channel, as of September 2022, has 635k subscribers. The channel mainly posts videos where members of the Savage Garage team drive different exotic cars for fun and entertainment. It is a great way to show others what the whole experience is like. A lot of car enthusiasts who cannot have the actual experience can have a good idea by watching their videos.

The channel started by Randy Savage Garage has received a lot of love over the years. People genuinely love the content and also Randy himself. The team Savage Garage has over 240k followers on Instagram. Hence, one can understand how well-appreciated the channel is.

Randy from Savage Wife and Children

Randy was married to his wife Ana until the day he died. It is unknown when they got married, but closed-ones say that they were a lovely couple. And they have three children, Dan, Ryan, and Jack.

Randy Savage Garage

Randy from Savage Garage Death

It was quite a shock when the Savage Garage Instagram page made a post about Randy’s death on 16th April 2022. Apparently, he had passed away suddenly on 15th April. It was a piece of sudden news because Randy wasn’t sick or something like that. The cause of his death is unknown, but sources say it was most probably an accident. The Savage Garage expressed the loss they felt at Randy’s death and asked everyone to give soave to the grieving family. It was especially hard for Ana, Dan, Ryan, and Jack in those trying times.

All his fans felt devastated at the news. Thousands of people expressed condolences toward his loved ones. Many expressed how heartbroken they felt now that they wouldn’t be hearing Randy’s voice anymore. It was evident that he was a sweet, humble, kind, and honest man. He loved to make people happy and was a delight to be around. Tribute videos were made for him by a few friends. I think we can say for sure the man will be remembered, and his legacy will be carried on.

Randy from Savage Garage Net Worth

While alive, Randy worked hard. And he made sure he was earning from various sources. Randy earned from his company, Clarus Merchant. The company alone generated revenue of nine million every year. That is a very impressive number. Other than that, Randy earned from the YouTube channel Savage Garage. Yes, he did have to share the revenue with other members of the team, but that doesn’t mean they each didn’t earn enough. Each of their bidets gets thousands of views.

Hence one can only imagine how much they earned in revenue. Besides all this, the channel, therefore, Randy earned from the brand deals and collaborations. The money from these promotions was, again, distributed among all the team members, but Randy did get a good amount. According to sources, Randy earned around a few hundred thousand dollars a month. And his net worth at the time of his death was approximately $2 million. It is evident that the man pursued his passions and became successful on his own terms.

Randy Savage Garage

Final Thoughts

Randy was a great man when he was alive and is still remembered and talked about even now. If you were eager to know more about Randy Savage Garage, we hope to have been of help. Check out the Instagram page and YouTube channel of Savage Garage to know more about this channel started by Randy. And watch the older videos of the channel to have an idea about Randy.

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