Too Turnt Tony

Social media has become a mainstream source of income. And in the past couple of years, a lot of youngsters have made it in life by posting videos on TikTok and YouTube. Social media is certainly a way to get fame and money. This has opened up opportunities for almost everybody. You don’t need to be very attractive or have a lot of talent to make a name in this field.

People like Too Turnt Tony have earned popularity by consistently making videos of whatever he likes. There isn’t a rule book when it comes to creating content, and that has allowed creators to be themselves.

If you are not aware of this TikTok star and Rancher, we have something for you. Read this article to get to know everything about Tony.

Too Turnt Tony

Who is Too Turnt Tony?

Anthony is the real name of the person going by Too Turnt Tony on social media. Anthony is a former model as well. But currently, he is a content creator, TikTok star, and a duck rancher. At first glance, all these things don’t really go together, but Anthony has managed to live his life exactly the way he wants to and be famous for that. Let’s get to further details about him in the next sections.

Too Turn Tony Age

Anthony was born on 11th February 1997. But some sources claim his birth year to be 1995. Hence, we can’t give you a definitive age regarding Tony. He is in his mid-late twenties as of 2022. Tony was born in Michigan, USA.

Too Turnt Tony physical appearance

Tony has brown eyes and brown wavy hair. He is a tall man with a fit body.

Too Turn Tony Family

Anthony has posted several pictures with his family, but he has never revealed their names. So who his parents or siblings are, is unknown.  He is not married, but he could have a partner. However, he is so private about his personal life that it’s hard to know if he’s in a relationship and with whom. But irrespective of all that secrecy, it is great to see him have a lovely relationship with his parents.

They are often featured in his videos. Tony also posts pictures and videos with family weber something important happens. Most recently, in September 2022, Tony posted a video of him buying his mother’s dream car. The social media star’s mother had her birthday recently, and Tony decided to surprise her by gifting her a corvette, the car she always wanted. His mother absolutely loved the gift, and fans loved to see such a beautiful family moment.

Too Turnt Tony

Too Turnt Tony Education and Career

Anthony has graduated from both school and college. However, we are only aware of his college education. Where he went to school is not known. It is guessed to be somewhere in Michigan, as he was born and brought up there. After high school, he attended Western Michigan University and graduated with a degree in film, video, and media studies.

Tony has been interested in acting since the young age of four. He used to act at home even as a child. And that was what made him pursue film in college. And in college, he used to make videos with his friends all the time. Way before TikTok, there was the app Vine which had attracted thousands of users. People used to make all kinds of funny videos, and Anthony did as well. He was always somebody who loved to perform and record funny skits. And currently, he does that on TikTok as well.

But Tony did not go from college to content creator overnight. Other than acting, he was also very passionate about staying fit. He used to work out a lot and gradually developed an excellent physique. And thus, he soon became a model. His modeling career lasted for a while until he started working as a duck rancher. Even on his social media, you will find pictures of him with ducks.

Social Media Presence

When the pandemic hit the world, a lot of people started creating content on TikTok, and so did Anthony. He started making engaging and relatable videos for his followers. Most of his videos are comedy skits that he creates at the moment. There is not much planning when it comes to his videos.

Most of it is very impromptu and is always entertaining. And now, after two years, his TikTok account by the name, Too Turnt Tony has over seventeen million followers. Besides that, he has a million followers on Instagram. Tony is still a very fit man with an excellent physique and has an OnlyFans account where subscribers get access to his exclusive adult content.

Too Turnt Tony

Too Turnt Tony Net Worth

Tony earns from his work as a content creator and duck rancher. Besides, he had earned a good amount of money as a model previously. He makes videos even when he’s on the ranch, and one can also see ducks in his videos. Tony has cracked the code. He’s doing well for himself just by posting content he likes. As of 2022, Too Turnt Tony has a net worth of approximately a million dollars.

Final thoughts

If you were curious to know details about Too Turnt Tony, we hope to have been of help. Tony is just another guy doing what he loves, and it’s great to see him succeed. If you wish to see more of him, do check k out his TikTok and Instagram posts. You will soon see how entertaining the man is. What did you think of this duck rancher who is also a TikTok star? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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