Violet Myers Passed Away

If you are someone who pays attention online, you might have seen a lot of websites write articles that say, Violet Myers Passed Away. This happened towards the end of 2021. And a lot of people were surprised and also saddened by the news. Violet is an averagely popular person. Thus a piece of supposed news about her death was a big deal.

But some people started wondering if it was really true. Violet was not known to have any illnesses. Thus, it was very unlikely that she suddenly passed away. So, a lot of people started to make conspiracy theories on Reddit and started doing their own investigation. And the result was not what everyone expected it to be.

If you want to know the real truth about Violet Myers and also a little about the adult film actress, we have something for you.

Violet Myers Passed Away

Who is Violet Myers?

A lot of you might have heard Violet Myers Passed Away but do not really know who Violet is that well. Violet is an American Adult Film actress, model, and influencer. And that is why news of her supposed death created a stir online. Let’s get to know her more.

Violet Myers age and family

Violet was born to her parents on 24th February 1997 in Los Angeles, California, United States. That makes her twenty-five users of age om 2022. Violet hasn’t revealed information about her parents or any possible siblings. She is an Adult Film Actress. Hence people don’t really see it as a very ordeal career. Most Adult Film actors are known to keep information about their family private to ensure no busy tries to violate their family’s privacy. Besides, most of them even use different names professionally. In this field, you have to be very careful of the information you release. Thus, it is quite evident that she did not share her family information.

Violet Myers Passed Away

Violet Myers Education

Violet completed her high school education but she decided not to go to college. She graduated from a local high school. After that, she pursued a career in fashion and modeling.

Violet Myer Career

Violet’s career started as a model on Instagram. She started posting pictures of her online, and that gathered quite some attention. She soon started working as a model but kept posting the pictures. And her consistent content earned her a lot of followers on Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.

In 2018, she decided to work as an Adult Film actress. She was twenty-one when she did her first project. Her debut performance was with the studio, “The Score Group”. And ever since then, she has been working well in the industry and has gained a lot of fans. Violet has worked with studios such as Pulse Distribution and Team Skeet.

As a model and influencer, she has worked with multiple apparel, lingerie, and makeup brands for promotions. She has even started her own merchandise, and from the looks of it, she’s going to start more businesses. In addition to all this, she also has an OnlyFans account, where she posts exclusive content for premium users. Myers also has a YouTube channel where she posts cosplay videos, travel vlogs, and other lifestyle videos.

Violet Myers Passed Away

Back in December 2021, there were rumors that Violet Myers had passed away. And very soon after that, different news websites started posting articles about how the actress and model were dead. But all this looked a little suspicious. As we have mentioned before, Violet was perfectly healthy. Hence a sudden death made no sense. But since there were no official statements released by her family or on her account, nobody knew what to believe.

As all this was going on, some people decided to investigate. They all had different methods, but they all came to the same conclusion. Violet Myers wasn’t dead. She was very much alive. Sources say that there were conspiracies going on on Reddit that Violet wasn’t dead. And that was the first clue that maybe this was all fake news. Sources also say that somebody called, @heavenlycontrol on Instagram had posted a picture with Violet very close to the time websites were pronouncing her dead. While that picture could’ve been taken before, it still did not eliminate the chance she was actually alive and well. And that is because, if somebody cared about her enough to post a picture with her, they would post a picture of her in memory as well if she was dead.

A lot of things like these weren’t adding up. And then, finally, somebody looked up her OnlyFans profile. And on that, it showed that she was last seen using the app two hours prior. This very much proved that Violet Myers Passed Away was a piece of fake news.

It is not known who started the fake news with what intention, but it did reach a good amount of people and managed to confuse them. Violet Myers has still not given an official statement addressing this issue. And everyone has moved on from the incident hoping it was just another person trying to create a bizarre rumor.

Violet Myers Passed Away

Violet Myers Net Worth

Violet has been earning money since quite a young age. And now at the age of twenty-five, she earns a lot from modeling, acting, and social media. Her net worth as of 2022 is $2 million.

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering about the truth behind Violet Myers Passed Away, we hope to have cleared your doubts. Violet is very much alive and well. If you want to know more about her, check her out on her social media accounts.

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