windows 10 screen recording

Windows 10 screen recording is not a tough job, it’s quick and simple to take a screenshot in Windows 10. By using the handy Print Screen Button available on our keyboard, we can easily snap our screen. And easily by using the Snip and Sketch tool, you can tune it. It’s a little bit challenging task to capture video of your screen. But Microsoft makes it easier to capture screen by providing a screen capturing tool called Game Bar.

Screen Recording Windows 10_1

Microsoft designed this Game Bar tool to record games you play on your PC or Xbox. It easily records web browser, windows applications, and saves it in the form of an MP4 video file. To make it easier for you, we will show some simple steps to perform screen recording. We will also show how to solve the problems faced during screen recording.

How To Perform Screen Recording Windows 10 Of An App

As I told you earlier, this tool can’t record some of the programs like the entire desktop, or file manager but it works smoothly on other regular apps whether they came from Windows Store or desktop apps.

Step-1 Firstly, choose the app you want to capture.

Step-2 Now press the Windows key and G letter key at the same time to open the game bar dialogue.

Screen Recording Windows 10_2

Step-3 Now in the game bar dialogue check the “Yes this is a game” checkbox. It is the basic producer to load it whether you are recording a game or any other app.

Step-4 By clicking on the recording button or you can use multiple keys like(Win+Alt+R) clicking all these keys together you can begin recording.

Screen Recording Windows 10_3

Step-5 By clicking on the red button available on the top right of the program window, you can stop the recording video.

Screen Recording Windows 10_4

That’s it you will find your saved MP4 recording videos folder in the Subfolder called captures. You can also find your saved files in your Xbox app in the DVR menu and tune and trim video and also upload them.

Screen Recording Windows 10_5

You can also use your Xbox for taking screenshots, instead of clicking on the recording button click on the camera icon available for clicking the screenshot. Also, click multiple keys (Win+Alt+PrtScn) at the same time to capture a screenshot.

How to perform Screen Recording Windows 10 in the background

Suppose you have done something on your computer and then suddenly think that you should capture the moment for your future. You can achieve this by screen recording windows 10. Moreover, you will be able to record the last seconds or minutes after you have performed the activity.

Step-1 Firstly, you have to allow permission for the computer to record your activities in the background.

Screen Recording Windows 10_6

Step-2 Open the game bar and click the settings icon. Now scroll, and you will be able to see the box that reads “record in the background”. Moreover, you can click on the “record the last” and change the interval of time.

Screen Recording Windows 10_7

Step-3 With this recording in the background feature, you will never be able to miss your moments again. Lastly, click on the “record last 30 sec,” and the video will be captured on the number of seconds.

Solutions for the problems faced during screen recording

To use the Game Bar tool effectively in your PC it requires some hardware requirements which include the right suitable graphic card. If your PC doesn’t stand on the hardware requirements, it may receive an error that your PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirement for recording clips. But need not to worry, there’s a way out to this limitation.

Enable screen recording

The first and the foremost thing is to check whether the Game Bar tool is unable or not if not make it enable. Secondly, go to the settings and click on gaming and then click on Game Bar and then turn on the switch.

Screen Recording Windows 10_8

If you are using an Xbox 360 controller with perfect hardware requirements and the graphics card, you can trigger it through your controller only. To open the game bar, take a screenshot or to record screen, you can also change keyboard settings or shortcuts.

You can screen record most of the applications and Windows, but there is some exception like you can’t capture the Windows desktop, File Explorer, or some windows apps such as Weather other than that there are a lot more apps and Windows you can easily capture.

You can customize your game bar

Now you can customize your game bar, view the video that you have captured. You can also control any widget which appears.

Step-1 First open the game bar by pressing Win+G.

Step-2 Now click on the “Show captures” in the capture widget to see all the capture videos.

Screen Recording Windows 10_9

Step-3 Then choose the video you want to play.

Step-4 Windows will allow you to set which widgets pop up you want. In the top right side of your top widget toolbar, click the widget menu icon then choose the widget. By clicking the icon on the top right side of the widget toolbar, you can also turn some widgets on or off.

Screen Recording Windows 10_10

Step-5 Therefore, at the right end side of the top widget, click the settings icon. At the right end side of the top widget, you can view and change the recording options, controls for the game bar, accounts and other shortcut themes.

Screen Recording Windows 10_11

The best way to solve the problem that don’t let you capture the apps and your screen activity is to check on the “Troubleshoot Xbox Game bar in Windows 10”.

Using Game DVR configuration

If you receive an error that your device does not meet the hardware requirements for capturing your screen activities. Now let’s take that you are not able to change your computer hardware or any video card. But there is one solution that you can try to solve your problem name as Game DVR configuration.

Step-1 Firstly, download the Game DVR configuration file from the utilities GitHub. Now open the file and check the box for force software MFT.

Screen Recording Windows 10_12

Step-2 Scroll down and select the Game bar presence writer, then click end task. Lastly, try out the game bar again to see if you can record your screen activity.

We hope that everything shown in this article will help you to better understand the screen recording windows 10. Now you can also teach someone else how to capture your screen activity or record video of an app.


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