Orange Juice Benefits

Orange juice benefits are enormous and gigantic. Haven’t you heard your mom tell you, drink a glass of orange juice before you step out of the door? People of all ages around the globe love this beverage over many others. It’s obviously one of the easiest and tastiest juice you can make for yourself. The tangy and sweet combination makes orange juice the perfect beverage to start a day.

Just squeezing a few oranges into a glass, you can make yourself, orange juice. It’s actually that easy to make!  Orange juice contains huge amounts of vitamin B9 and C, flavonoids, and antioxidants. It further supplies our body with good amounts of magnesium, iron, vitamin E, and A along with lots of potassium too. Isn’t that good enough for orange juice to make it to your regular diet?

Orange juice benefits your health in various ways. But before we know how orange juice benefits your health. Let’s check out what the nutritive values of orange juice are.

Nutritive Value of Orange Juice

Orange juice has numerous valuable nutrients that benefit your health. It contains nutrients like flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. You must be already aware that, all these nutrients keep you healthy and fit. Can you imagine that little round fruit has so much packed in it?

Vitamin C keeps your body away from free radicals and protects you like a shield. So, it’s important you supply your body with vitamin C every day. To ensure that, include orange juice to your daily diet and have it every single day without a miss.

The round little fruit has folic acid, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, chlorine, iron, potassium, manganese, pectin, and phosphorus too. What more do you want? In fact, orange juice has zero calories in it. Amazed? We’ve got you some more nutritive value of orange juice below. Read on!

Orange juice has zeaxanthin and choline in it. Wondering what they do?

Well, zeaxanthin is a carotenoid antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation. A study in 2019, said orange juice benefits for skin, eye, and heart are mammoth.

Are you thinking what choline does to your body? It’s a nutrient that helps you move your muscles well. Moreover, it enhances your ability to memorize and learn. More so, it also helps you have a sound sleep.

Are you thinking that’s all? No, there’s more! Choline helps in nerve impulse transmission, aids in chronic inflammation and also helps to absorb your body fat.

Orange Juice Benefits on Health

Orange juice leaves a huge impact on our health. Here we’ll check out the different orange juice benefits on health. Which are:

1.  Helps to Maintain Blood Pressure

The magnesium content in orange juice helps in maintaining blood pressure levels at a normal range. If you have high blood pressure, a glass of orange juice every day can really bring down your blood pressure to normal.

2. Boosts Immune System

The vitamin C content in orange juice can shield you and boost up your immunity. It helps you fight against colds and flus. So, especially now, it is important you have a glass of orange juice every day to supply your body with an adequate amount of vitamin C.

3. Possesses Healing Abilities

Apart from the numerous benefits orange juice gives your body, they contain healing abilities as well. The wondrous oranges have flavonoids such as hesperidin and naringenin in them. These flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties. So, your body gets good amounts of flavonoids that heal pains and muscle stiffnesses. You can also get immense relief from arthritis, if you have oranges.

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4. Helps to Prevent Cancer

A recent study says that orange juice can help to curb the chances of various kinds of cancer. Limonene, a content in oranges works very efficiently against mouth cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer. Moreover, oranges work better in preventing cancer for the vitamin content in them.

5.  Prevention and Treatment of Ulcers

You will find ulcers most commonly in the stomach and intestine. Ulcers can also lead to constipation since it is unable to break the food down properly. So, you must regulate your digestive system by drinking orange juice. Moreover, orange juice also helps to cure the ulcers.

6. Prevention of Kidney Stones

You can always reduce the chances of kidney stones by a level, if you have a glass of orange every day. Kidney stones form when chemicals and minerals concentrate and accumulate. Orange juice has citrate in it which has a fantastic aptitude to curb the chances of kidney stones. It controls this by reducing the acidic level in your urine. Moreover, people having kidney stones should also include freshly made orange juice to their regular diet to curb the chances of further stone irruptions.

7. Helps in Weight Loss

Orange juice contains huge amounts of antioxidants. If you consume orange juice regularly it can help you in weight loss.

8. Curbs the chances of Heart Attacks

Orange juice benefits in heart attacks too. A plant-based substance called hesperidin shields the arteries from being blocked. It can do so as it maintains the health of all the proximate cells. One orange contains enough hesperidin to curb the chances of a heart attack. So, squeeze out that orange and drink your orange juice now!

9. Helps to Treat Anemia

Anemia is a health condition that happens because the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells. If you have a deficiency of iron, it may lead to low hemoglobin. When you consume orange juice, an adequate amount of vitamin C is supplied to the body which helps in iron absorption. This is a reason why doctors suggest anemic patients to consume orange juice every day.

10. Gives Healthy and Youthful Skin

As you already know that orange juice is loaded with antioxidant properties. Orange juice benefits for skin are tremendous. It makes your skin look beautiful, young and very fresh. Moreover, vitamin C and antioxidants clubbed together, protect your skin cells against free radicals. If you wish your skin to be just like the stars you admire on TV, start drinking a glass of orange juice every day. Orange juice benefits for skin are remarkable and cannot be substituted by any other beverage!

11. Improves Your Eyesight

For years, studies show vitamin A and Carotene to be extremely good for your eyesight. Vitamin A is very important to protect your corneas and eye surface. Thus, providing you with a good vision.

Carotene and other antioxidants help you to boost your immune system. Moreover, it helps to strengthen the eye membrane and protect it from bacteria and many other foreign elements that cause infections.

Oranges contain both these nutrients in abundance. Start drinking a glass of orange juice to give your eyes the tonic!

12. Protects against Hair Loss

If you give your body a sufficient dose of antioxidants and carotene every day, then you can surely protect your hair. The nutrients orange juice contains helps in regrowth of hair cells and also increases the strength of it.

13. Enhances the Beauty of Hair

Orange juice benefits for hair are never-ending. Apart from drinking a glass of it every day, apply a little bit of orange juice mixed with some essential oils regularly to strengthen your hair roots.

Also, you can try making a homemade hair mask for yourself that is natural and contains no side-effects. To make it, you’ll have to add two spoons of honey and lemon juice in your orange juice. Apply it well on your scalp and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash it well, with a mild shampoo. Remember to repeat this process twice a week. Soon, you’ll know the benefits of orange juice hair mask.

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14. Helps to Control Cholesterol Levels

Studies show, that if you consume orange juice regularly for a long period of time the cholesterol levels in adults remain in control. High fibrous foods like oatmeal along with orange juice helps in reducing the LDL cholesterol level in adults. But you need to have only a maximum of 10 grams of fiber and a glass of orange juice to see the desired results.

You must also exercise regularly if you’re on a high fiber diet. Along with a balanced diet, it’s important to be active and physically fit to keep your cholesterol under control.

Oranges contain soluble fiber that helps to clean out the excess cholesterol from the body. Hence, giving you a healthy cardiovascular system.

15. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Your immune system has inflammations just like a usual reaction within the body. It does this to fight against infections and diseases that happen within the body. But if they tend to persist for very long, then you can be sure it be a chronic disease.

If you come in for such a chronic problem, doctors usually prescribe drugs that can deteriorate your health overall. So, it’s always best to choose some therapies and natural remedies to cure yourself. It will supply your body with the correct nutrients and will also eradicate the chronic illness. Orange juice can come to your rescue in this case. It can be better than many over-the-counter medications.

16. Supplies Nutrients in Pregnancy

Orange juice benefits in pregnancy as well. The vitamin C and folic acid content in oranges are the ones that help you during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, your body needs essential nutrients. You need a balanced and good diet to maintain a healthy body. Would-be moms are given a diet chart that asks them to have more than 2 cups of fruit each day.

So, you must have oranges as it contains folate which is good for DNA creation. Moreover, it prevents problems in the neural tube of the baby.

Even more, the potassium content in orange juice helps you keep your blood pressure levels normal. Which otherwise is fairly a common problem among most pregnant women.

How to choose the best orange juice?

Now that you know the nutrition value, health benefits of orange juice, let us help you to choose the correct one for yourself.

Below are some tips you can keep in mind while you buy your orange juice. Which are:

  • Whenever you’re buying a tetra pack of orange juice, select the one that says ‘100% orange juice’. If you find the label reads- orange soda, cocktail orange juice, orange drink, or orangeade, it’ll be best you leave it from where you picked it up.
  • Also, keep in mind to choose the one that has pulp in it. You may like a smoother texture for your juice, but it’s best to go for the pulp one. It is recommended as it contains fibers that have multiple health benefits.
  • Keep in mind to select the pack, that is labeled as natural or no added sugar. Artificial sugars are not good for your health and may cause other hazards. The disadvantages of orange juice begin when it has artificial or added sugar in it.
  • Remember to have only eight ounces of oranges in one day and not more than that. Nutrients in a limited amount is good for your health.

It’s always advisable to buy oranges fresh and make the juice at home. In that way, you will know exactly what you’re having. Moreover, you’ll be sure your juice contains no preservatives or artificial sugars in it. But if you’re short on time, follow the tips we’ve given you, and pick the right orange juice.

Last Thoughts

Orange juice benefits you in every possible way. Right from your hair to most health problems, orange is at your rescue.

But the tricky thing about it is, picking the correct orange juice that has no added sugars and preservatives. It’s best you try making your orange juice fresh at home to enjoy all the positive effects it can offer.

The best time to drink orange juice is in the morning with your breakfast. So, buy your oranges well and make yourself a glass of juice every morning. Don’t forget to also exercise to enhance the benefits you get from a perfectly healthy diet!