Summer is here and outdoor plans are back on after a lengthy winter in lockdown. And, in the same way we look after our skin, we have to do the same for our eyes, making sure they remain healthy and free of harm while wearing your contacts.See Vision Direct’s in-house eye care professionals’ simple steps on how to keep them safe by taking proper care of your eyes throughout the summer.


  1. Choose UV contacts 

Similarly to your skin, your eyes can be harmed by powerful UV-A and UV-B rays, even on a cloudy day. This is why it’s important to keep them protected to prevent eye diseases down the line. As they’re many contacts with UV blocking available, opting for these, paired with your sunnies is a complete no-brainer! You can even order your contacts without prescription and get delivery to your door (just in time for the next BBQ) with Vision Direct. 

2. Wear contacts when exercising 

The warm weather calls for exercising outdoors, but wearing glasses when you’re on the move just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s an after-work jog, a game of tennis or a football match, switching to contacts for sports and physical activities means better peripheral vision and freedom of movement, as well as improved safety – there’s no risk of broken glass causing an eye injury.

3. Swim safely with contacts 

Water from the tap, a swimming pool or the sea contains harmful bacteria, which can cause eye infections and irritations when it mixes with your contacts. To swim safely with your contacts while enjoying crystal-clear sight, it’s best to opt for dailies and tight-fitting waterproof swimming goggles. Daily disposable contacts are the most convenient and hygienic, as you can take them out after a swimming session, throw them away, and put in a fresh, new pair on the spot. Alternatively, you can purchase prescription goggles for swimming to avoid any risk of contamination.

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4.  Don’t fall asleep while wearing your contacts 

This is a big no-no, especially during the summer months when a short siesta or a nap on the beach is incredibly tempting. Regardless of how tired you feel, not sleeping with contact lenses is crucial. If the situation does arise, and you wake up realising that you forgot, stay calm and don’t take them out straight away, as they may be stuck. Instead, gently massage your eyelids and apply some eye drops for a boost of moisture. Once your eyes start feeling normal again, remove your contacts and give your eyes a break, perhaps, switching to your glasses for the day. 



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