Jaggery Benefits

After finishing a meal Indians always want some sweet dishes to balance the diet as well to give the tongue a sweetly feel. In the previous centuries, sweet dishes were made at home by the women of the family. Winter was the best time for making various sweet dishes in Bengal and as well as the other regions in India. Among the sweet dishes, Jaggery should be at the top of the list with its mesmerizing taste. Jaggery is not only delightful with its taste but there are also some health benefits of Jaggery. In this article, we will come to know some Jaggery benefits. But before that, we will have to know some more facts about our very own sweet dish Jaggery or Gur.

Different Names of Jaggery

Jaggery is also known as “Gur” in Bengal. But Jaggery is not only found in Bengal but it is famous in other regions of India also with its different names. In Hindi & Bengali it’s called ‘Gur”, whereas in Telegu it’s called ‘Bellam’. In Malayalam it’s called “Sharkara” and in Kannada it’s called “Bella”.

Types of Jaggery

Jaggery is made of two components primarily- 1) Nolen Gur or Jaggery made from Date Palm. Another one is 2) Akh Gur or Jaggery made of Sugarcane.

1. Nolen Gur

In winter we can get Jaggery made of Date Palm. Common people of Bengal call it ‘Nolen Gur’. This type of Jaggery is made from Date juice. At night pitchers are kept in the Date Palm trees. The juice of the Date is stored in the pitcher during the whole night. The next day the juice is boiled and Nolen Gur is made. Nowadays we can get various other sweets derived from ‘Nolen Gur’ or Jaggery made from Date Palm in winter.

We can take the benefits of Gur not only in winter but in every season of the year.

2. Akh Gur

Jaggery we can get from the sugarcane has the most common usage as a sweet dish. This type of Jaggery we can get overall every season of the year. It is made from boiling sugarcane juice. After the boiling, it takes time to become solid from its liquid conditions. After solidifying the pulp is put into blocks.

The most important Jaggery benefits among all the benefits are it is a wholesome diet. Jaggery does not only give us the sweetly feel in tongue but it has some medicinal benefits too. Jaggery helps to keep us healthy in several ways from the very ancient age. We can call it a medicinal side dish that not only enhances our mood but cures several health issues in a very Indian and homely way. Here we will know some Jaggery health benefits

Jaggery Medicinal Benefits

Jaggery keeps our health fit in several ways. Not only the inside parts of the body but it takes care of the outer body parts like our skin, hair, etc too. So Jaggery benefits are not only in our taste bud but in our inside or outside organs too.

Here we will follow some inner health issues which are cured by Jaggery.

Helps in Digestion

People eat Jaggery mostly after finishing a meal. The main reason behind it is it maintains the balance in the digestive system. It helps in the secretion of the digestive enzymes. So the digestion process becomes faster. It also gets converted into Ascetic Acid.

Reduces Constipation

Not only it helps the other food to digest, but it also keeps the system clear regularly. So if you have a habit of eating Jaggery after lunch or dinner you will never face the problem of constipation. Even if you are a patient of Piles then eat Jaggery regularly so that constipation never attacks you.

Helps in Detoxification

Jaggery intoxicates the body in a sweetly way. It detoxes the harmful toxins from the liver. In this way, it cleans the body. By detoxification, it also reduces the load in the Liver. In this way liver functions properly.

Work in Blood Purification

Jaggery is also known as a good blood purifier. It helps in the blood purification system and keeps the body healthy. So, in the list of Jaggery benefits purifying the blood is also an important benefit to be considered which makes a human body free from any disease.

Aids in Anemia Prevention

Not only jaggery purifies the blood but it prevents Anemia also by helping to make new blood cells. Anemia is a very common disease among women. So, jaggery should take place in the regular food list of a woman.

Controls Menstrual Problems

Menstrual problems are such problems that make suffer women only. Jaggery controls problems regarding menstruation. Besides making new blood cells and preventing women from being anemic it helps to reduce other menstrual problems also. Cramps and stomach aches or abdominal pain which is the main symptoms of a menstrual problem are also relieved by Jaggery. So, women can take Jaggery benefits the most by taking jaggery every day after finishing the meal.

Helps in Weight Loss

Jaggery benefits for weight loss are the most important benefit in the current century.

Overweight or obesity is the most discussed problem nowadays. Not only the women but children are also affected by this problem currently. Jaggery keeps this problem away and does not let gain the weight. As Jaggery is a rich source of potassium it improves the metabolism of the body. Also, it helps to build up the muscles and keeps the proper balance of the water throughout the whole body.

Controls Blood Pressure

Jaggery also takes an important part to control blood pressure. Potassium and Sodium are the two most important components of Jaggery. These two crucial minerals maintain acid levels in the body. So, blood pressure never goes out of control if someone has a daily habit of eating Jaggery. So, people can take jaggery benefits even in controlling blood pressure.

Clears Respiratory problem

Jaggery not only clears the cardiac and coronary problems by controlling blood pressure or purifying the blood it also clears the respiratory problem. Respiratory problems like Asthma, Bronchitis, etc are controlled by eating jaggery regularly. This is one of the most important benefits among all jaggery health benefits. Jaggery also contains anti-allergic characteristics that make relief from the nasal allergy.

Relieves Joint pain

Besides relieving the menstrual pains Jaggery relieves joint pain also. Components like Potassium and Sodium which are the two most important minerals present in Jaggery help to reduce joint pain. If someone takes Jaggery with a glass of milk he can get Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium these three vital minerals and makes the bone stronger and get relieved from joint pain.

Despite all the above jaggery benefits Jaggery also solves some skin problems.

  1. As jaggery contains the maximum quantity of minerals and vitamins it nourishes the skin along with the whole body.
  2. Skin problems like acne or pimples are also solved by Jaggery. This natural sweetener gives people especially women a spot-free skin.

Dark spots, wrinkles are a very common skin problem every woman faces. By nourishing the skin with vitamin and mineral Jaggery removes all the disturbing skin problems permanently and shows us Jaggery benefits for the skin. From the above information, it is quite obvious to say that though everyone loves the sweet taste of jaggery, women need to eat this natural sweetener daily not to make them fit but to make them beautiful also. Though, a man takes the first step to provide delicious ‘Nolen Gur’ but Jaggery benefits give privilege to a woman more than a man.

Uses of Jaggery as a Health Booster

It is not only an Indian but a worldwide practice to sweeten the tongue after finishing the meal containing with the spicy and many other different tasted food. That’s why desert always comes last in the food list. Jaggery is considered one of the most favorite natural desserts in India. The most common timing of eating Jaggery is usually after the meal. Jaggery is not merely a winter-sweet. As we can get Nolen Gur in winter similarly we can get the sugarcane Jaggery in summer.

In winter we give the date palm jaggery in our sweet content. While in summer also we can drink sugarcane jaggery mixed with water which not only cools our stomach at the scorching heat but also helps to be fit physically. In winter jaggery used as desert keeps our digestive system under control. In summer it keeps the blood pressure normal and fills up the water balance in the body.

Jaggery in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, jaggery is considered one of the best medicinal sweeteners. The practice of making Jaggery out of date palm and sugarcane is quite old. Jaggery is made mainly in the rural parts of India. So quite obviously the tendency of eating jaggery is more popular among the villagers than the people living in town. Village people are always stronger and they have more physical activities than the city people. So, the habit of eating jaggery than the sweets available in the market makes them healthy and keeps them away from being diabetic.

Despite the above-mentioned health benefits, there are also some more jaggery benefits Ayurveda for the readers.

Jaggery Energy Drink

5 grams of Jaggery mixed with 1 cup of water, 1 gram black salt, and 10 ml lemon juice can bring the lost energy and make refresh to a person from inside. The best time to have this drink is summer. This drink can balance the water level in the scorching heat.

Jaggery Remedy of Cough and Cold

Make a mixture of 3 grams of Jaggery mixed with 250 mg Black pepper, 500 mg Dried ginger powder, and 1 teaspoon, honey. This mixture will help to remove the chronic cough and cold problem. Children often are attacked by cough and cold at the time of seasonal changes. Feeding this mixture every day can cure a child permanently of the very common cough and cold disease. The presence of honey and jaggery will make the mixture of the taste sweet which will be a favorite kind of mixture for children.

Jaggery Remedy of Hiccup

A mixture of 3 grams of Jaggery with 500 mg dried ginger powder can give you relief from Hiccup. This is a good home remedy from Hiccup. After eating the mixture with warm water is a must taking thing. This mixture can make you forget Hiccup.

Jaggery remedy of Migraine and Headache

10 grams of Jaggery with 5 ml clarified butter which is also known as cow’s ghee in Indian dialect is a very helpful mixture of Migraine and Headache. This is a very popular mixture, especially in Punjab and Haryana region. If someone takes this mixture twice every day after sunrise and before sleeping then he will get easily relieves from Migraine and Headache.

Jaggery remedy of Urinary flow

In Ayurveda, it is believed that Jaggery is a good treatment of difficulty in Urinary flow. If Someone has the problem of Prostate Gland and he has difficulty in the urinary flow then drinking milk with Jaggery can remove this problem permanently

Jaggery remedy of muscle strain

Jaggery helps in muscle strain and makes the muscle strong. Its minerals like Potassium and Sodium give relief from muscle pain.

Jaggery controls body temperature

Usually, the food we consume in winter does not give the same effect in summer. The components among some food do not allow them to become available for the whole year. This cannot be told when we are talking about jaggery. Whether it is summer or winter it is well accepted in all seasons. The main reason behind this fact is its power to control body temperature.

When it is winter it makes the body warm and saves the human body from freezing. In contrast, when it is summer it becomes a good drink mixed with water and makes the body cooler and saves from the heat.

Final thoughts

These are some of the reasons why jaggery makes a great addition to your kitchen. Apart from all of these points, we can’t help but admit how good they taste. They are not only alternatives to sugar but taste much better. You can add a little bit of jaggery in your daily meal to add sweetness and also make your food taste better. Find out some cool recipes that include jaggery to make your tastebuds happy. Also, make sure you try different types to see what suits you better. Add it to your cakes, oatmeal, and let go off sugar completely.



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