Marjorie Taylor Greene Net Worth

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the most controversial figures in American politics . She has made headlines for her extremist statements. Greene has sparked outrage because of her controversial comments. But how much is this politician worth? That’s a question many are interested in. So in this article, we will talk about  Marjorie Taylor Greene Net Worth. We’ll also explore her political beliefs and her impact on the political landscape.

Her Early Years

Marjorie was born on May 27, 1974. Growing up in Milledgeville, Georgia, Marjorie studied in South Forsyth High School. Later, she majored in business administration at the University of Georgia. After graduating, she worked as a salesperson.  Then she started her own commercial construction company.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Net Worth

In her early life, Greene was not involved in politics. But her interest in conservative activism grew in her later life. She became an active member of the local Tea Party movement. Since then, she has been supporting conservative causes.

Greene’s political career started in 2020. It was when she announced her candidacy for Georgia’s 14th congressional district. She ran as a Republican candidate and won the general election. Although she has faced criticism for her conspiracy theories. However, Greene remained a prominent figure in the Republican party. She continued to be a vocal advocate for conservative values.

Short Bio

Name Marjorie Taylor Greene
Date Of Birth May 27, 1974
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.64 m)
Weight 132 lb (60 kg)
Education University Of Georgia (BBA)
Marital Status Divorcee


What is Marjorie Taylor Greene Net Worth?

Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth is around $41 million. The data is revealed in an interview with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes”. As a congress member, her base yearly salary is $174,000. Apart from that, she  possesses impressive $22 million worth assets. Besides, she  receives donations from various parties . She also owns some business ventures.

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Political career

Greene gained national attention for her conservative statements during her campaigns. She became the first woman to lead Georgia’s 14th congressional district. The politician took office in January 2021. She has been an outspoken conservative voice in Congress. She has advocated for Second Amendment rights. Besides, she advocated for limited government and pro-life policies. However, she has faced several controversies. For example, spreading conspiracy theories and making offensive comments.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Net Worth

Greene’s political career has likely contributed to her wealth. Apart from getting salaries, she has access to various benefits as a member of Congress. For example, health insurance, retirement benefits, and travel allowances.

Business Ventures That Contributed to Her Net Worth

Marjorie Taylor Greene has owned several business ventures over the years. They have contributed to her net worth.

One of her most notable business ventures is Taylor Commercial. It is a construction company that she purchased from her father in 2002. The company mainly remodels commercial properties. This company has been involved in several high-profile projects throughout Georgia.

Also, Greene owned a CrossFit gym in Georgia. She purchased and flipped for a profit. The gym is now known as CrossFit Garage. It remains one of the most successful CrossFit training centers in the country.

Over the years, Marjorie has also invested in real estate. She owns several properties in Georgia.

Marjorie’s net income from business ventures is $4 million. Apparently, these ventures have contributed greatly to her fortune.

Her Assets

According to various sources, her assets include over six real estate properties. Besides, she owns five cars and a luxury yacht. Some of the properties are for rental. In addition, she reportedly has cash reserves of over $10 million. Greene’s investment portfolio consists of eight stocks with a value of $11 million.

Personal Life

Marjorie married Perry Greene in 1995. He is the proprietor of multiple businesses. They have three children together.

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However, Perry Greene filed for divorce in September 2022. He cited it as a broken marriage. In fact, the divorce petition requested equal distribution of assets.  Perry also asked that the divorce proceedings remain confidential. According to Business Insider, the divorce was headed towards settlement.


During her leisure time, Greene likes to engage in fitness activities. Additionally, she has actively participated in manyl charitable initiatives. Also, she has raised funds for military veterans. She has helped the families of fallen police officers.


As mentioned earlier, Greene has been involved in several controversies. Greene supported the QAnon conspiracy theory. QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory. It alleges the existence of a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles. Greene has distanced herself from the theory. And she has publicly stated that she no longer believes in it.

Again, she has been criticized for her past comments on various issues. For instance, she has expressed support for executing Democratic politicians. It includes Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has also faced criticism for making racist comments. Particularly about religions and the LGBTQ+ community.

Moreover, Marjorie has been charged for promoting baseless claims about the 2020 presidential election. She was alleged for widespread voter fraud without any evidence. As a result, she was removed from several House committees.

Greene’s actions have drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. Still, she remains a prominent figure in the Republican party. Also, her conservative values continue to gather support from her constituents.


Which political party Marjorie Taylor Greene is in?

The politician, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a member of the Republican Party.

Did Marjorie Taylor Greene get divorce?

Perry Greene filed for a divorce in 2022. It is heading towards finalization.

How Old Is Marjorie Taylor Greene?

She is 48 years old.

Final Thoughts

Marjorie has made a significant impact in her community. Despite facing criticism, she has remained steadfast in her beliefs. She has shown a commitment to fighting for what she believes in. And She has built a successful business as well. Overall, Marjorie Taylor Greene net worth is just one small part of her story. Her contributions to society are far more significant. And she has become a respected member of Congress with her dedication. Undoubtedly, she is an inspiration to many.

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