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Numerous studies show how, time and again, disengaged employees are a drag on productivity, profitability and culture. Business is a team sport and attitude, both good and bad, is infectious. When a colleague looses his or her way and are no longer excited about the job, their attitude and disengagement, quickly spreads.

It’s understandable that employee engagement is a bit like the stock exchange, some days it’s up, some days it’s down. But unlike the exchange which seems to owe more to good luck than good management, improving employee engagement is not a dark art. And it matters! Any successful business will tell you that they’re only as good as their employees. When their team is engaged in their work, they’re engaged in the company and that’s a win-win for everyone: management, staff, clients and customers alike. 

But what happens when they’re not, or when the performance of one colleague has become an anchor on the whole team? It’s simple; everyone and everything suffers – from productivity to profitability. So when they lose their mojo, how do you inspire them to reengage with the company? It’s surprisingly easy. If your team takes a hit and you want to get them back in their groove, use the levers are right in front of you. Here are some strategies that can help improve employee engagement.

Role Alignment

You need the right person in the right job. A simple realignment of responsibilities can match skillsets with position and enhance the working experience for everyone. Give staff what they need to grow in their role. They were hired because of their potential, so make the most of it. Armed with the right tools, employees are more energised because they are able to do what they do best.


Mentoring programmes, additional training or further eduction boosts skills which has an immediate and positive effect on workplace culture. Training programmes demonstrate your commitment to helping staff do their job better and helps them fulfil their own work goals.

A Light Touch

Micro-managing has its place, but on the whole it chokes workplace engagement. When staff are trusted and supported to act on their own decisions, engagement levels rise. If you don’t need to manage someone, don’t.

Give A Little

It’s an open-secret that flexible working arrangements helps increase employee engagement. Whether that’s a work-from-home strategy, flexible hours, flexible leave or child care, a willingness to meet people’s needs is a happiness-and-productivity booster shot.

Say Thanks

Gratitude is not simply a nice thing to do, it’s one of the most effective tools in the kit. When employees know that their effort is valued there is an increase in trust and an immediate, positive effect on their wellbeing and productivity. And you’ll feel good too.

An organisation with the best chance at success knows that engaged employees are their greatest asset. This is far from an exhaustive list on improving employee engagement; there are many ways to help staff and help a business succeed. Those that make the effort have a happier, more productive workforce that wants to actively participate in success. It’s a win-win for everyone.


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