Paul Sorvino Net Worth

Paul Sorvino has entertained American film and television audiences for almost half a century. Sorvino has become an industry icon thanks to a distinguished body of work across all genres. Paul Sorvino has worked hard and earned his riches in Hollywood, which reflects his net worth and success.

Paul Sorvino Net Worth

Sorvino was successful in the acting industry. Paul Sorvino has a net worth of $10 million as of 2023. The exact figure is $103,000,000.

Paul Sorvino Net Worth

This covers all of his resources and income. Through his many lucrative side hustles, he could support himself mainly because of his work as an actor, opera singer, businessman, author, and sculptor. Paul has built himself a substantial fortune but opts for a relatively low standard of living.

Early Life

Angela and Ford Sorvino had their first child, named Sorvino, on April 13, 1939, in New York City. His Italian-immigrant father worked as a foreman at a robe manufacturer, while his mother was a housewife and piano teacher.
Soon after taking vocal lessons, he developed an interest in acting. Soon after completing his high school education at Lafayette, he enrolled in the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.


Before pursuing acting, Sorvino was a copywriter for an ad agency. After completing his training at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, he started to submit his acting resume for theatre roles. His first Broadway show was 1964’s “Bajour,” in which he starred.
In Carl Reiner’s “Where’s Poppa?” from 1970, he made his acting debut. As well as Al Pacino and Kitty Winn, he was praised for his performance in the 1971 film The Panic in Needle Park.

Paul Sorvino Net Worth

As a result of his performance in “That Championship Season,” a play written by Jason Miller in 1972, he received critical acclaim the following year. He was cast in the same part in the film version of the musical, which came out ten years after his first performance. The 1970s were a busy decade for Sorvino. His performance in the 1973 romantic comedy “A Touch of Class” garnered him an Academy Award. Nobody Nicer Deserved This Misfortune The following year was Guy’s breakthrough. With Diane Keaton, he co-starred in the film “I Will, I Will…for Now” in 1976.
Before making his directorial debut with 1976’s “Wheelbarrow Closers,” he starred in “Bert D’Angelo/Superstar,””The Oldest Rookie,” and the monthly TV series “We’ll Get By.” In addition, Sorvino was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as an Italian-American communist in Warren Beatty’s 1981 film “Reds.”

Paul Sorvino’s Career Continues

Larry Cohen’s “The Stuff” co-star Michael Moriarty was first exposed to him in the 1985 horror film. Even so, he maintained his passion for the stage and in 1986, he co-founded the American Stage Company.

Sorvino’s portrayal as capo Paul Cicero in Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” is one of his finest acting achievements. Among his first famous appearances was that of Sergeant Phil Cerreta on the popular TV show “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Since opera was his passion, he left the program after 29 episodes to devote more time to it. In 1993, he had guest appearances on “Moonlighting” and “Perry Mason.” He portrayed Henry Kissinger in Oliver Stone’s film Nixon, released in 1995. He appeared as the mobster again in “The Rocketeer” and “The Firm.”
Sorvino narrated and provided his voice for an episode of “The Big House” on the History Channel in 1998. He also provided the voice for Mr. Scheck in “Hey Arnold!: The Movie,” Arnold’s main enemy.

As Frank Delucca on “That’s Life,” he starred from 2000 to 2002. He acted in, directed, and produced “The Trouble with Cali” and wrote and directed the film alongside his daughter, Mira. In 2008, he featured in two films directed by Darren Lynn Bousman: Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival.

Private Matters

He had a place in Los Angeles and another in Madison, Indiana, so Sorvino could spend time in both. After marrying Lorraine Davis, he welcomed Mira Sorvino, Michael, and Manda into the world. Actors are now a career path for both Mira and Michael.


Paul was in the headlines several times for doing everything he could to keep his kids safe. When his daughter Amanda’s ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her in a hotel room in 2007, he went there to intervene. He had lawfully carried his revolver and came to speak to the individual before the cops did. Ex-boyfriend was taken into custody by the authorities. After allegations surfaced that Harvey Weinstein had sexually abused his daughter, he reportedly made some heated statements to TMZ.

Sculpting in cast bronze is one of his main interests; he is very skilled at it. His operatic talents were used when he appeared on a 2008 CD as a special guest with singer Eddy Napoli to perform a duet of “Luna Rossa.”

He was devoted to animal welfare, and he and his daughter Amanda lobbied on behalf of equines in Washington, DC, with the organization Americans Against Horse Slaughter. In addition, the family operates a private horse rescue in Pennsylvania. To establish asthma clinics throughout the United States, Sorvino also established the Paul Sorvino Asthma Foundation.

Food was another passion of Sorvino’s, and in 2007 he debuted Paul Sorvino Foods, a line of pasta sauces. The sauces, which he claims to have developed from his mother’s recipes, first emerged in the northeastern grocery stores in 2009.
After meeting political commentator Dee Dee Benkie on “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” Sorvino wed her in December 2014.


Working with Lackawanna County on the 2005 film “The Trouble with Cali” caused Sorvino to face criticism. However, he had already started shooting and directing the movie where he planned to act opposite his daughter Mira Sorvino.

In 2006, the government gave another $250,000 to the initial grant made in 2005. However, financial and legal concerns prevented the picture from ever seeing theatres. Sedona Film Festival in 2012 was the venue for the world debut of The Trouble with Cali.
A few months had passed since he had first denied the 11-year-old claims of flagrant debasement. Sorvino said in 2015 that she had been in talks with a Canadian distribution business, but the arrangement had fallen through because of the film’s poor reception.


Has Paul Sorvino ever served in the armed forces?

Before he became an actor, Paul Sorvino served in the United States Air Force.

What other skills does Paul Sorvino possess besides acting?

Paul Sorvino has also sung opera professionally, including with New York’s prestigious Metropolitan Opera.

Any acting honours for Paul Sorvino?

Indeed, Paul Sorvino won the Venice Film Festival’s Best Actor Award for “Redemption in Cherry Springs” and the Garden State Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


As a result of his tremendous skill and hard work in the entertainment business, Paul Sorvino net worth is what it is today. In addition, Sorvino has cemented her place in film history throughout her five-decade Hollywood career. Therefore, it’s logical to assume that Sorvino’s wealth will increase as he continues to wow and delight viewers with his performances, further solidifying his position as one of the most accomplished performers ever.


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