Lance Stewart Net Worth

Most people will agree that we are living in times when one can earn money in multiple ways. And you need not have academic excellence to make it in life. You can do literally what you love to do and earn money from it. We have seen many people become successful simply by posting videos on YouTube and being themselves. Sounds amazing, right? Lance Stewart is one such person who has been a great influence online and has managed to have a great career and thus, people are talking about Lance Stewart net worth.

People like him put most of their lives on the internet, which makes us feel that we know everything about them. But that is simply not true. There is still more to a person than their social media presence. And if you are curious to know about Lance Stewart’s age, Lance Stewart Career, Lance Stewart’s Family and Lance Stewart Net Worth, we have the right article for you.

Who is Lance Stewart?

To introduce this internet personality, one would have to say that he is a prankster and YouTuber. And most of the pranks he does execute are posted on his YouTube channel. Fans would describe him to be a funny and entertaining vlogger. Let’s read the following sections to know him better.

Lance Stewart Net Worth

Lance Stewart Age

Lance was born on 20th June 1996. This makes the prankster twenty-six years of age in 2022.

Lance Stewart Ethnicity

Lance is an American citizen. He has born in the states and has been living in the country all his life. But he is of mixed ethnicity. Lance is part Italian and part Irish.

Lance Stewart Family

Stewart has been public about his family and has even featured some of them in his videos. Lance grew up with his family in Franklinville, New Jersey. However, now he lives in Woodbury, New Jersey.

He is the son of his parents, Nina and Bruce Stewart. Besides that, he also has a grandmother with whom he often films his videos. She is popularly known as Badass Grandma among his fans. Lastly, he also has an older sister, Sabrina Stewart. He also became an uncle recently to his sister’s newborn child. Speaking of family, we should also make you aware of his almost family member, Julia Summer Sky. She is fiancé to Lance, and they are set to get married sometime in 2022.

Lance Stewart Education

According to sources, Lance graduated from high school but he did not go to college. But fortunately, that did not affect his life much and he was able to build a career without a degree. Lance graduated from Delsea Regional High School.

Lance Stewart Net Worth

Lance Stewart Career

Unlike a lot of vloggers out there, Lance did not start his career as a YouTuber. He started posting videos on Vine, which made him immensely popular. Before ever having a YouTube channel, Lance was getting thousands of likes and reviews on his Vine account. When YouTube became the new trend, Lance started his new channel, Lance210. He posts pranks on this channel for his subscribers. This channel has 1.4 million subscribers as of September 2022.

Lance210 is not his only channel. Lance also has a second channel where he posts vlogs about his life, the incidents that happen in his life, challenges he takes on and much more. This account has 6.5 million subscribers as of September 2022.

Lance Stewart Net Worth comes from his work as a creator on YouTube and all the brand promotions he does. But he is popular on other social media platforms as well. He is well-loved on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Lance also has over 6.5 million followers on his Instagram account, @lance210.

Lance Stewart Relationship

As you have read earlier in this article, Lance Stewart is engaged to Julia Summer Sky. The couple met in 2019 and has been in love ever since. Lance’s fans adore his relationship with Julia since he introduced her to his subscribers in 2020. And the couple is now soon going to get married in 2022.

Other than Julia, Lance had one serious partner, Lizzy Wurst. They dated for five years and had even adopted two dogs together. But unfortunately, their relationship had an expiry date, and they called it quit in 2018. Lizzy was a well-known person among Lance’s fans and subscribers, as she was often seen in his videos. Most people thought the couple would end up getting married, but they had differences. Lance has said that their arguing way too much was the main reason behind their separation. Arguments are normal in a relationship, but it becomes unhealthy if they are constant. Lizzy and Lance felt it was time they went their different ways. Lizzy took the dogs since Lance was travelling all the time, and she was anyway more used to taking care of them.

Lance Stewart Net Worth

At this point, we all know that if you’ve been working consistently hard on YouTube for a few years, you will most likely find success. And that is the same for Lance. He has been working hard for a few years and has finally made it. As of 2022, Lance Stewart Net Worth is approximately $6 million.

Lance Stewart Net Worth

Final Thoughts

Lance Stewart has been entertaining the masses for years, and that too in innovative ways. Some might call him crazy, but everyone knows that he is loved exactly for that reason. Lance Stewart Net Worth comes from the revenue generated from his videos and brand deals. And all this wouldn’t be possible without his resilience. It is evident that Lance is a successful man who prioritises family over everything.

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