londa butler

If you enjoy watching sports and are a basketball fan, there’s a high chance that you have heard of Londa Butler. No, she isn’t a basketball player, but people know her for other reasons.

Often, we see a lot of talk about people just because they are related to somebody famous. Londa Butler is one such person. From her surname, you might have guessed that she is related to popular American professional Basketball player Jimmy Butler. And not just related, she is his biological mother.

Londa is not the talk of the town right now for positive reasons. People are discussing her because of how she treated her son, Jimmy Butler. And the public opinion about her is not a positive one. If you wish to know exactly what she did and why people do not like her, keep reading this article.

londa butler

Who is Londa Butler?

As we mentioned before, Londa Butler is the biological mother of Jimmy Butler, the famous professional Basketball player. But there is more to her than just that. In recent times she has been a common name to be heard online because of the way she treated young Jimmy. Fans of the athlete and people, in general, are surprised to know that Londa Butler did not support Jimmy’s dreams and was cruel to him. Hence, there is a lot to know about Londa before one discusses her relationship with Jimmy.

Londa Butler age

The mother of Jimmy Butler was born on March 10th 1958, in Texas, USA. Hence, as of 2022, Londa Butler is sixty-four years old. Let’s look into her life in detail.

Londa Butler’s appearance and ethnicity

Appearance and ethnicity are one of the most basic forms of identity. Londa Butler is an African-American woman with a height of 5 feet 6 inches. She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Londa Butler’s education and career

We have to keep in mind that Londa became a known name only after people found out about her relationship with Jimmy Butler. Hence, much information about her is not public. We do not have any information about her upbringing or school life. However, sources say that she attended Lone Star College Tomball. But then again, nothing is known about her course or what degree she has.

When it comes to her career, Linda Butler is a private sitter. Again, as private as her job position sounds, her work is very private.

Londa Butler family

From everything that we know about Londa Butler, she is a married woman and has three children, including Jimmy Butler. The names of her husband and other children are, however, not known.

londa butler

Why are people talking about Londa Butler?

Jimmy Butler is a pretty popular name in the American professional basketball community. He is an excellent player and much loved by his fans. Thus, when the news of Jimmy getting ill-treated as a child became public news, everyone started talking about Londa Butler. If you are unaware of what Londa did in the past, let us tell you about it.

Londa Butler is definitely happily married now, but this wasn’t the case when Jimmy was growing up. As a child, Jimmy Butler never knew his biological father and thus was raised only by his mother till he was thirteen. His father had left Jimmy and his mother when Jimmy was very young. And on top of that, Londa Butler reportedly was not really a great parent. She did not treat him well as a mother should treat their child. Besides, Jimmy had to suffer greatly due to his mother’s behaviour towards him.

And at the very young age of thirteen, Londa Butler kicked Jimmy out of their house. Apparently, she did not have a good reason for going so. Londa Butler asked her teenage son to leave the house simply because she didn’t as he looked. Many speculate that Jimmy looked a lot like his father, which was why she couldn’t stand his look.

In-depth Detailing About Them!

After becoming practically homeless, Jimmy tried to find shelter in multiple friends’ houses. He lived life like that for a while. One main reason people dislike Londa Butler is that she pushed him to the streets, where he was unsafe. Besides, he had no way of getting food or shelter other than friends.

When Jimmy was in his senior year in High School, he met Jordan Leslie and became very good friends with him. He eventually asked if he could live at Jordan’s house, but Jordan’s parents were hesitant about it. After much convincing, Jordan’s parents agreed to let Jimmy stay with them. The Leslie family was incredibly kind to Jimmy and treated him like one of their own. Soon, Jordan’s mother, Michelle, even adopted Jimmy as her son. And since the time Jimmy moved into Jordan, Michelle has been an amazing mother to him, caring for him and supporting him.

Michelle supported Jimmy no matter what, and finally, he made it as a professional Basketball player. Londa, however, never tried to make contact with Jimmy until he signed his million-dollar contract with NBA.

Talking about his relationship with his biological parents, Jimmy has expressed that in spite of what happened in the past, he has a good relationship with his parents now.

londa butler

Final thoughts

Londa is the biological mother of Jimmy Butler but, unfortunately, couldn’t support him the way she should have. Nobody knows exactly why she kicked him out and was so cruel to him, but we hope that all that is in the past now, and she has a healthy relationship with her son.

What did you think of Londa Butler? Do share with us in the comments below.


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