Cameron Herren

One often hears about criminals on the news. And if the case is serious enough, we also get very invested in the cases and what to know if the criminals got arrested. But at times, the offenders turn out to be people we know and love. By that, we are referring to celebrities.

You must have been devastated at least once in your life to find out that one of your favorite celebrities has been suspected of a crime. And it is almost hurtful when they are proven responsible for the crimes. None of us like to see the celebrities we idolize charged with crimes. But I’m real; they are human beings like us and are capable of the same actions.

Cameron Herren is one such celebrity who ended up committing a crime that ruined not only his career but also his life. He was driving without concern at a very young age of nineteen and ended up ruining not only his life but also the lives of others.

Cameron Herren

Who is Cameron Herren?

Most of you must have started to read this article because you are aware of Cameron, but that might not be the case for all. If you are hearing the name Cameron for the first time, let us introduce you to his actor.

Cameron is a twenty-one-year-old actor living in Florida, United States. He has done multiple roles but is most popularly known for his role in “The O. C.”. And thus, he is quite famous. But Cameron Herren has been a relevant topic of conversation for the past few years because of the crimes he was convicted of. In 2018, he was speeding and ended up hitting a mother and daughter which led to their deaths.

Cameron Herren family

Cameron might be famous right now, but he comes from a simple family. His family even struggled financially when Cameron was young, but now, they are doing well.

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The Herren family consists of Cameron’s mother, Cheryl Herren, Chris Herren, and a younger brother, Tristan Herren.

Cameron Herren ethnicity

Cameron is white by ethnicity according to his appearance. But he has not yet confirmed his ethnicity. Hence, we are not conforming to the truth of his ethnicity either.

Any other information about Cameron Herren is not available to the public as he is a very private person. Besides, since the accident he got involved with, we know less and less about him. This is no different than other cases where famous personalities are the ones responsible. It is most normal that they try to keep their lives very private after making such a big mistake.

Cameron Herren

Cameron Herren Speeding Accident

If you are curious about what the accident was about, this part of the article is for you.

On May 13th, 2018, Cameron Herren and his brother, Tristan Herren, were racing with their friend John Barrineau. As most races go, they were driving at extremely high speed on streets that did not permit such behavior. And as a result of that, they ended up hitting Jessica Reisinger and her one-year-old daughter, Lila, at Bayshore Boulevard. The mother did see two vehicles approaching her, but it was too late to save her or her baby.

And to be honest, the two vehicles were coming at a tremendous speed, which made it impossible for someone to save themselves, let alone a baby too. Despite it being almost impossible to save two lives, Jessica did her best. When she realized she couldn’t save term both, she pushed her baby’s stroller to make it go over the street. She hoped that the stroller would cross the street and her baby wouldn’t be harmed. But alas, the stroller didn’t move that much and got hit by the vehicles as well.

Both the mother and the baby were taken to the nearest hospital, Tampa Bay General Hospital, but unfortunately, neither survived. Jessica passed away pretty soon, and Lila fought for her life for a few months before passing away as well. Jessica’s husband and Lila’s father were devastated about the loss, but he kept fighting for justice to be served.

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Consequences and sentence

Cameron Herren and John Barrineau were both arrested. While John got his verdict soon enough, Cameron received his after three years in 2021. John pleaded guilty to vehicular murder and unauthorized racing which led to his sentence being only six years with fifteen years of supervised release.

Cameron Herren, on the other hand, was finally charged with vehicular murder in 2021. The reason it took so long is that Cameron’s parents did everything they could to prevent their son from going to jail. They are influential people with a son who was going to make a career in Hollywood. Evidently, they did not want their son to suffer in jail or have his career destroyed.

In 2021, Cameron Herren was finally charged with vehicular murder. And has been sentenced to twenty-four years in prison.

But being famous has its perks. Due to his popularity, a group of his supporters started to trend him on TikTok in the hopes that their support would be able to reduce his sentence. It is strange to see people defend a criminal just because he is famous and the crime was unintentional. No changes have been made to his sentence, but there are chances that it will be decreased. Cameron Herren is currently in custody at Graceville Correctional Facility.

Cameron Herren

Final thoughts

Reckless unauthorized racing can lead to unfortunate incidents, which include unintentional murder as well. Whether Cameron Herren is a good person or not, whether he feels guilty or not is not something to talk about. One should rather talk about the victims getting fair justice.

What did you think of this case? Let us know in the comments.


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