Injury after an accident

An accident can have major consequences for your health. In this way you can suffer injuries and complaints from a collision. But you can also be injured as a result of an Injury after an accident at work or if you have been bitten by a dog.

What is Injury and Personal Injury?

Injury refers to an injury to the body. For example, in the event of a fracture or loss of functions, such as with a spinal cord injury. But injuries don’t necessarily have to be injuries. Injuries can also relate to complaints that you have. Think of whiplash complaints or neck complaints. But headaches and brain injuries also fall under the definition of injury.Personal injury is the damage suffered as a result of a collision, industrial accident or other accident. This damage occurs because you are limited by the injury. Restrictions at work or in the household are examples of this. If you are unable to work, there will be loss of income and loss of pension. This damage, which is the result of the accident-related injury, is called personal injury.

Compensation for personal injury

If someone else is guilty of a collision, the person who caused the car accident is obliged to compensate your personal injury.

Personal injury compensation consists on the one hand of material personal injury and on the other hand of immaterial compensation. With regard to material injury amounts, you can think of:

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– Income Damage

– Pension damage

– Study delay

Medical expenses

Travel expenses

Domestic help

– Costs for care and nursing

Intangible compensation cannot be valued in money. It is compensation for all kinds of complaints that can be classified as suffering. Pain complaints, anxiety complaints and sadness about the consequences of an accident are examples.

Free right to legal aid in some countries

Claiming personal injury is not easy. That is why in some countries there is a special scheme that victims of an accident with injuries can make use of. This arrangement means that a victim of personal injury can claim a personal injury lawyer free of charge.

The Netherlands is one of the countries that works with the system of free legal assistance in the event of a collision, industrial accident or dog bite. If someone is guilty of causing an accident, then this person is liable for the injury suffered by the injury victim. In addition, the liable party must pay the victim’s attorneys’ fees.

So, for example, if you are hit by a car in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you are entitled to legal assistance from a free personal injury lawyer in Amsterdam or Rotterdam (in Dutch: letselschade advocaat Amsterdam or letselschade advocaat Rotterdam.

The downside of free legal assistance in the event of personal injury

Naturally, a system of free legal aid for a victim of a collision or industrial accident is good news. But it also has a downside. The number of personal injury agencies is growing very fast due to this system and this is at the expense of the quality of legal assistance.

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For example, there are only a few personal injury lawyers’ actions in The Hague and the company is a personal injury agency. Because no diploma is required to start a personal injury agency, this is at the expense of the quality of personal injury specialists. This has become a major problem, especially in the Netherlands.