Simple mehndi design for left hand is an easy start to learn something new in this field. Let’s start the joy ride of learning Mehndi design with simple and easy designs. All through your amazing journey, you will love to practice mehndi designs.

How to make simple mehndi designs for hands

Presently, mehndi is not a tradition rather it has become a fashion style. Everybody loves to decorate their various body parts with it, but females are really crazy about beautiful patterns that look pretty on their hand. Application of mehndi becomes easier for you if you focus on the body part where you wish to apply it. Now, read our “how to make simple mehndi designs for hands”

A long and simple pattern created with small flowers and paisleys

The placing plays an important role in applying various designs. In this Mehndi hand design, start with long design starting from wrist till the tip of the pointer finger. Starting lines will help you set a base of starting something innovative.  Proceed further by making a small flower with petals. This simple Mehndi hands design will soon make you an expert in the field.

 Mehndi hand design

Circular designer pattern:

Circular designer pattern

Circles have always won the race of number one design. The irony about this easy and simple mehndi design is that it is the easiest pattern but attracts the most. Start with a simple dotted flower in the centre of the left hand. Make 2 -3 circular lines around this dotted flower. Now extend the design with the help of curved lines. Divide your centre part of the design into 8 parts and in every part make a semi-circle flower using lines and dots as shown in the picture.

Beautiful design created with the circle and leaf pattern

Beautiful design created with the circle and leaf pattern

Mehndi designs grab attention because of its dark colour and attractive design. This design is no lesser than a designers mehndi. Start with slanting curvy lines starting from one end of the wrist running to the other end. Make a drop shape pattern with the help of curves and dots at the centre of the left hand. Complete your design by making lines and leaf pattern. The thickness of the pattern gives true colour to the design. Beautify your designs by making bold and bigger lines.

Heart pattern made with dots and lines

Heart pattern made with dots and lines

The heart is one of the most preferred patterns that is liked and tried by many designers. Every time it is nicely made and is always the centre of attraction. Make this simple mehndi design with the help of dots. Make a heart shape with dotted lines and curves. For a picture-perfect look make a semi-circular pattern at the end of fingers. This will give a complete look and make you an excellent mehndi designer.

Simple and easy mehndi design made with checks and curves:

Simple and easy mehndi design

This design looks difficult, but once you pick your mehndi filled cone you can make this simple design within a few minutes. Start from the wrist by making a flower. Shade the leaves of the flower and make dots as shown in the design. Make paisley with a bold line and draw checks in between this shape. At every crossing add dots on four sides for that wonderful look. Then complete the design following the picture is shown above.

Beautiful design that looks like a jewellery:

Beautiful design that looks like a jewellery

Beautiful design

Beautiful design 2019

Don’t get confused or tensed with the complexity of the design. It appears difficult but is very simple and easy. At close observation, you will see that the design is the just repetition of the curves, lines and dots. Start from the wrist of the left hand and make a semi-circular pattern covering major parts of the back of the hand. The simple design made at the end of the fingers gives it a perfect look. So, what are you waiting for, start with this attractive design right now?

Full hand design for budding designers

By following step by step guidance soon you will be able to make this design with ease. When you first see this design it appears difficult but believe me follow these steps to become an expert Mehndi designer

Full hand design for budding designers

Full hand design for designers



  1. First of all, divide your complete pattern into small parts. Start from the mid of your arm. Divide small portions with lines and now fill the space between the two lines with curves, lines and dots. Don’t panic by seeing the design. It’s the same design made on both of the hands.
  2. At the wrist divide the space into two parts with a partition made towards the end of the wrist.
  3. In between, two lines make check pattern and now completes the hand with the simple and easy pattern.

To become a master in the mehndi beauty desig what you need is a lot of practice and needless to say practice makes man perfect stands true in this case. For better and deep colour apply sugar and lemon juice syrup. You can also try warm clove heated on hot Tawa.


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