Arwen Lucinda Jane

It is normal for us to get interested in our favorite celebrity’s lives. We get more interested when they disclose their personal lives to the fans. The curiosity level reaches its peak, and it gets very difficult as well to control our feelings and emotions. Our favorite celebrities are our favorites because they work hard tremendously and entertain us as well. We all turn to series and movies when we are going through hard times. In this blog, we will be talking about the Grey’s Anatomy star’s kid. She goes by the name Arwen Lucinda Jane. The name of the stars is Caterina Scorsone and Rob Giles.

Arwen Lucinda Jane

Who is Caterina Scorsone?

Caterina Scorsone is a very famous Canadian-American actress. This actress has acted in a lot of movies, and she has played many important roles as well.

Early life of Caterina Scorsone

Before digging and finding details about her baby, let’s first let’s get to know about her mother. This famous actress was born in Toronto, which is situated in Ontario. Her father is known by the name Antonio Bruno Scorsone, and her mother is known by the name Suzanne Rozell Scorsone. Moreover, her father is a social worker, and her mother is known to be a social anthropologist.

Her first appearance on TV was the Goosebumps adaption which was the Night of the living Dummy 2. She didn’t get famous enough after that, and her breakthrough was after she landed the lead role in the crime drama series, Missing. The series was released in the years 2003-2006. She was later cast in one of the famous American series that goes by the name Grey’s Anatomy. In this series, she plays the role of Dr. Amelia Shepherd. At first, she was just a guest actor. Later she became a regular actress in the series as she got promoted.

The net worth of this actress is $2 million; she earns almost $800,000 every year.

Who is Rob Giles?

Rob Giles is a very famous singer, and in fact, he has won Grammy as well. Apart from being a singer, he is also a producer and has done a lot of solo work as well. There are not many details that are known about him. His estimated net worth is around $650k. He has even worked with Andy Summers, and he was also playing little parts in some of the TV programs as well. One will be able to see him in the movies like ‘My sister’s keeper’, ‘Headlights’, ‘And glee’ and there are many more as well.

Apart from these, he is also the president of Wordsmith Makeshop, which is a famous charitable organization.

Caterina and Rob’s children

The couple has been together for a long time, and they have three daughters of their own. The first one is named Eliza, and she was born in the year of 2012. The second one goes by the name Pippa, and she was born in the year of 2016. The third one is a recent name that goes by Arwen Lucinda Jane, and she was born in the year 2019.

Caterina and Rob call it quits

The saddest fact about these two amazing couples is that they split up and decided to end their relationship after 10 years of marriage. They left behind three daughters, and they decided to remain friends. And among them, Arwen Lucinda Jane is also present. They further said that they are parenting their children with enough love.

They have stopped posting about each other on their social media pages. The last post was where Caterina posted a picture of her and her husband and she was pregnant at that moment.

Arwen Lucinda Jane
Caterina Scorsone for Parents magazine
credit: Kat Borchart for PARENTS

About Arwen Lucinda Jane

The actors and all of their children dolled up for Halloween, and that was when Caterina decided to announce her pregnancy to the people out there and her fans.

Both the parents, Rob and Caterina posted their first picture with their daughter Arwen Giles. They posted her picture on Instagram and shared it with the public as they let them know about her. People also got to see the first glance of Arwen Lucinda Jane on that day only.

The picture got thousands of likes instantly, which showed how her fans were waiting for the baby. The pictures show the three sisters as well where they are holding the baby as well. The picture courtesy goes to Rebecca Coursey, who clicked all the photos so beautifully and naturally.

Even though the couple had split apart, their love for the babies can be seen in the pictures and the posts. They are showering their babies with enough love. Caterina posted Arwen Lucinda Jane’s picture on her Instagram, where she captioned it ‘Counting My Lucky Stars. This shows how she is obsessed and in love with her baby Arwen Lucinda Jane.

The other children of Caterina and Rob

Eliza Giles- This one is the eldest of their children, and she goes by the name Eliza. She was born in the year of 2012, and the couple was very happy with her. They even said that they couldn’t be in love with her any more than they already did. This shows how much they love her and how much they are grateful for her.

Pippa Giles- The second daughter was named Paloma, but they prefer calling her Pippa. She was unfortunately born with down syndrome. Caterina and Rob are equally grateful to her and are in absolute love with her as well.

Arwen Lucinda Jane

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made. Caterina and Rob, although broken up, are co-parenting their children with lots of love. Nothing between them can affect their children, and that can be clearly understood.



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