How to Provide Road Accident First Aid Like an Expert

An accident is something that no one can anticipate. You will never know when an accident would happen. But you can remain prepared for the aftermath. You would be surprised to know that over two hundred thousand people die every year in a road accident. In most cases, people die in the absence of basic first aid support. Thus, knowing how to give first aid is very important. This crucial knowledge can save lots of life. Here is a step by step guide on how to give first aid for a car accident victim.

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Make sure you are okay

In case you got involved in an accident, your priority will be making sure that you are all right. Move your limbs and assess the level of injury. If you feel dizziness or massive pain, take a little rest before helping others.

Check others

Once you are confident that you are fine, the first step is to call the expert. You might be an expert in first aid, but the victim requires a lot more than just first aid. Your job lies in safeguarding the victim until medical care arrives. Hence, your first duty is calling for help. If you know the phone number of a nearby hospital, it would be a better option. However, in most cases, 911 would be faster and efficient. After the call, focus on the victims. First, you have to assess the level of injury.

Breathing: It is a vital sign of life. Check whether the victim is breathing without any pressure or stress. Put your ear on the injured person’s chest to hear the breathing sound. If you don’t hear any breathing sound, then check his mouth to see any obstruction. Clear the obstacle from the airway by using your index and middle finger. You can also give him CPR by mouth and restart the breathing function, artificially.

Unconscious: Consciousness is also another vital sign of life, and losing consciousness is a deteriorating sign of health condition. To bring back consciousness, you can sprinkle some water on his face. Do not drench his face and suffocate him with water. A few splashes of water on the face is more than sufficient. Check his pulse or heart rate. If necessary, start giving life-saving CPR.

Fracture: If the victim couldn’t move or experience severe pain while moving, a fracture is one of the leading causes but, not the exclusive option. If you notice any unnatural deformation in any area, bring it back in its natural position. Do not move the fractured area too much; as, it may cause internal bleeding and become fatal.

Bleeding: In an accident, bleeding is a very bad sign. Uncontrolled bleeding can cause a blood pressure drop, which is the primary reason behind the loss of consciousness, and eventually death. Thus, you should give priority to the wounded area to stop bleeding. Press down the wounded area with your palm and wrap a cloth tightly to stop the bleeding immediately.

Internal bleeding: Swelling in or around an injured area is an indication of internal bleeding. Any internal bleeding in the head can cause a concussion, loss of consciousness, or even death. If you have first-aid supplies with you, ice or cold compression could be helpful. In most cases, all you can hope is for the ambulance to arrive faster.

Vomiting: Another sign of internal bleeding is vomiting. Normally, an abdominal injury may cause vomiting blood through the mouth. If untreated, the blood blocks the airway, leading to choking and even death. To avoid such fatality, turn the injured person to his side. It will reduce the chance of choking, and the person will be able to breathe freely. However, this does not stop the vomiting caused by bleeding.

Spinal injury in the neck: Spinal injury is very common in a road accident. In around 26% of car accidents, at least one of the victims suffer from a spinal injury in their neck. Thus, if you find the injured person’s neck is in an awkward position, then do not move the injured person. Instead, seek immediate medical help. Only good Atlanta car injury doctors can deal with spinal injuries. Unnecessary movement in the head may cause farther damage.

After calling the medical support, your job is to assist the wounded person. It may take several minutes for the medical team to arrive. Meanwhile, provide mental and physical support to the victim. Check their condition and give them comfort with words. Until the medical support arrives, try to keep the person warm. You can use your jacket or other clothing to give him warmth. If the medical help is nowhere near and you prefer to transport him to a nearby hospital, do not carry them on your arm. Use a board or anything similar to a stretcher, unless the patient can walk. During transportation, periodically check the victim every three minutes and assist him with any first aid treatment. With your quick thinking and action, you can save a life and avoid numerous permanent damages.


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