Apple varieties

Do you remember the famous quote “an apple a day keeps doctors away”? Yes, today we will share all thoughts about apples. In this article, we will cover, the importance of having apples and how to store them properly. Finally, we will also throw light on the apple varieties as well. Scroll through and know about your favorite fruit and its types.

What are the health advantages of having apples every day?

An apple on a plate can enrich your health with all goodness. Therefore read all the compiled points in this section to have a clear cut idea on the health advantages of having apples.

Helps in losing weight

For all those who have been rushing to the kitchen to cut off the essential food from the diet should note that this single fruit apple could literally help them to stay slim. Now the proportion of water and fiber makes one fill full for long. As per the research-based data, the energy content in apples is less yet they can produce an adequate quantity of fiber. On top of that, apples lower the levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

Highly nutritious

An apple is a wholesome fruit that means you can get every required component from the apple itself. Precisely it has carbs, vitamin c, fiber, vitamin K, potassium as well as the calories. Besides that apples have 4 % of the copper, all types of vitamins right from the A to B6 and the manganese. On top of that polyphenols present in the apples, certainly, underline this fruit as the best and outrightly nutritious.

Protects the heart from any disease

If you get into deeper especially regarding the combinations of components in the apples, you will see it consists of an element called the polyphenols. This particular polyphenol belongs to the group epicatechin flavonoid, which is popularly known for checking the blood pressure level. Therefore taking apples regularly certainly reduces the chance of getting heart attacks to almost 20%. In addition to that, apples are rich in antioxidants, which is also good for reducing the effect of the LDL oxidation and bad cholesterol in the body.

Reduces the effect of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes has been the most disturbing and people who suffer from that can really be relieved because apples can help to combat that easily. Having apple every day can minimize the effect of type 2 diabetes to almost 28%. The presence of the antioxidant polyphenols in the apples acts as a guard for the tissue. Precisely it keeps the tissues safe instead of harming them.

Enhance the count of good  bacteria in the gut

You all are familiar with the notion of good and bad bacteria. However, you need to boost the good bacteria always to keep the immunity system at its peak. In that regard, the fiber named as pectin in the apple a type of prebiotic plays a great role in feeding the good bacterias. Actually, when you intake the apples, the fiber does not digest rather it follows the colon where it takes the opportunity of nourishing the good bacteria. In return that positive things travel all throughout the body.

Combats cancer

Definitely, this section will let you remember the quote that we discussed in the introduction of those apples is the cancer buster. It is because the apples are known to have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect that prevents the growth of cancerous cells.

Asthma minimizer

When you talk about oodles of goodness of the apples, obviously you need to remember that apples do help to reduce asthma as well. Apples have a high content of antioxidants, which shields the lungs from any kind of negative effect of oxidation.  Note that quercetin a type of flavonoid in the apple checks the immune system and protects the body from inflammation.

Boost the health of the bone

The strength of your bone is very important as it determines the overall endurance of the body. For those with less strength should immediately resort to having apples in their diet. It is because the apples are known for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which enhances bone density. In the case of women with calcium, issues can definitely trust apples because it balances the proportion of calcium in the body as well.

Feeds your brain

With age, people tend to lose memory, and to protect them from such declining memory it is good to serve them apples. Acetylcholine a kind of neurotransmitter in the brain reduces with age. Now antioxidant-rich apples also minimize the bad effect of the ROS or the reactive oxygen species in the brain tissues. Overall, apples also provide great benefit against Alzheimer’s disease as well. But make sure that you should serve the elderly people with fresh apple juice as it seems to be more effective than the slices.

Fortify against the injury in the stomach

Whenever you feel unease with the stomach or maybe pain, doctors recommend you to have the Anti-inflammatory medicines, which are non-steroidal in nature. Now, this has the ability to destroy the protective layer of the stomach. But when you give such patients dried apples obviously they are going to get good relief from that. It is because of the presence of the two important elements in the apples called the catechin and chlorogenic.

Thus, these are the golden health benefits that you can always expect from the apples.

Now we will move forward to shed light on the Apple varieties.

Common types of apple varieties

Well, all love to have apples, but do you know that your favorite apples come in multiple varieties. Take the look at the apple varieties list and choose your pick:

Cameo type of apple

The deliciously sweeter in taste, yellow and red tinge cameo apples came to fame in the year 1987. Originally, it was from Washington. This category of the apple is used as tart and the skin of the apple is a bit thin. Definitely to decipher that ultimate taste you need to have it raw only.

Jonagold apple

Jonagold Apples are the ultimate result of hybridizing the golden delicious and Jonathan. The mixture of both yellow and red hue gives an eye treating appearance to the apple. Talking about the taste it is certainly quite sweeter and the flavor is similar to that of a pie. You don’t have to struggle while peeling as the skin is thin. No doubt you can use this apple for preparing any type of versatile recipe.

Jonagold apple

Apple Empire

In the year 1966, the researchers from the State agricultural department of the New York state produced the empire apple. This is one of the extraordinary apple varieties. Highlighting on the shape, it is actually round in appearance. And the color is a combination of green and vibrant red. The inside filling of the empire apple is juicy and the color is cream white. Note that this is also a hybrid between the Red delicious apple and the McIntosh. Certainly, you can use It for cooking because it’s robust to get up allows it to do so.

Golden apple

Golden delicious apples are cheerful and vibrant apples with lots of softness inside. Though it also belongs to the family red delicious, still you cannot relate it to the Red delicious group at all. Definitely, you cannot compare the softness of these apples with that of the McIntosh. The think skin of the apple makes it easily edible. You can use the same for preparing the salads and pies. But ensure that you store it perfectly otherwise it can bruise. Therefore you can definitely consider this as one of the prime apple varieties.

Apple varieties Golden apple

Apple McIntosh

If you really want to have a soft and delicate apple, then McIntosh will seriously lure you with its heavenly taste. Well, McIntosh can be eaten raw anytime you like to have it. On top of that, you should also remember that the inside taste is utterly creamy and the flesh is super soft. You can even recommend the McIntosh apple to prepare apple-based butter as well. However, keep this point in mind that you cannot actually do any kind of baking with this. Obviously, this type of apple varieties is always preferred.

Apple Fuji

Since 1980, this apple received amplified popularity among Americans though originally grown in Japan. Elaborating on its shape, it is larger and the taste is crispier compared to the rest. Talking about the sweetness, it is just sweet like sugar. Certainly, you can consider this apple as the ideal one for eating raw. Other than that, you can deck up the plate with Fuji apple salads as well.

Apple Fuji

Apple Cortland

If you talk about the softness then you will see that the Cortland is the ultimate soft one. It has a mix and matches flavor that means tart and sweetness in the same apple. The best about the Cortland is that you can consider this as an all-rounder apple. That means you can have it in any form you like to have. Just have it in raw form, or cook or bake it. Obviously, this particular kind of apple is the best in the list of apple varieties.

Apple varieties Cortland

Red apple

One of the well-known apple varieties is the red delicious apple. It is produced in the USA but has worldwide acceptance. The filling of the apple is white and creamy in texture. Certainly, the fluid content is also high with amazing softness. It is because of its softness it is better not to cook them rather you should have them raw only. No doubt, this one is the favorite of the children also. So you can always have this one for their school tiffin box.

Apple Gala

A kind of its own is the Gala apple. Its shape is utterly different from the rest. It is because you will see that breadth is less and the height is more. The taste is crispy, mild, and sweet. The outer portion of the apples is red while the inside projects a tinge of yellow. You can also have this apple in raw form but at the same time can choose it for cooking as well. From children to elderly people all are just crazy after this apple.


Apple Granny Smith

Are you interested in having green apples? If so then Granny Smith Apple is the ultimate one that you can hoard in the fridge.  The Australian produced apple with a vibrant look has definitely made its way to the kitchen with elan. With each and every bite you will get that crunchy feel that makes you have it every now and then. When raw you will find it in green shade but as soon as it turns ripe, it takes the beautiful red color appearance. Definitely, the sweet taste of the apple will lure you to the manifold.

Apple Braeburn

The apples of Newzealand have their own charm and taste, the similarly is with the Apple Braeburn. The color combination of light green with tinges of yellow makes it look fascinating no doubt. The balanced taste of the tart and sweetness makes it the idyllic one for baking. But it is not that too soft like McIntosh as it is firm so storing these apples is not a hassle at all.


How should you store apples?

If you really want to store the apples for long, then you should choose the apples, which are robust, and look is glossy.

Next never hoard the apples in the room temperature because it will bruise. Therefore try to store them in a cool place.

To keep them in original form just wrap each of the apples in a newspaper. If you find any of the apples are bruised already just remove it instantly to protect the rest of the apples.

Final take

We hope that the whole article will help you a lot. It will beneficial to you as you came to know a lot about the apple varieties and the advantages pertaining to the apples.


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