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It’s been seven years and counting since Grand Theft Auto first arrived in the market and on the shelves of its passionate fans and gamers. The game has been a hit and made a special place in the heart of people who play it. Grand Theft Auto V and its online version, GTA Online have opened a whole new world of online gaming. Streaming online games on YouTube channels in the world and posting gameplays and other similar videos isn’t new. Popular gaming channels have a following in millions and have a huge community of their own. There are a lot of YouTubers who have made it given their everything in creating Grand Theft Online V videos and creating a fanbase. Let us look at some of the most subscribed GTA V YouTube channels in the world.

VanossGaming – 25.1 Million Subscribers

Vanoss’ channel isn’t GTA V exclusive, but he still releases plenty of GTA content alongside a healthy helping of Gary’s Mod and anything else new. Most of the videos involve Vanoss and a crew of H20 Delirious, Moo Snuckel, Mini Ladd and Lui Calibre generally bumbling about in Los Santos causing hilarious mayhem. His videos may not be super helpful for tips but Vanoss’ videos are full of laughs, and even better they’re well edited and almost always a decent length – at least 10 minutes long, if not more. VanossGaming has over 1200 videos on his channel and has a lot of fun videos of GTA V and other online games as well. 

Total Gaming- 9.26 Million Subscribers

With almost 800 videos and marching towards the milestone of 10 million followers, Total Gaming is a channel which has videos on quite some games including GTA V. Run by an Indian guy called Ajay or Ajju Bhain, the channel has a lot of interesting GTA V gameplay videos and that too in Hindi which is short and fun to watch.

Techno Gamerz- 5.77 Million Subscribers

Techno Gamerz is one of the most popular Youtube channels for GTA V. Run by an Indian boy named Utkarsh Chaurasia, the channel is known for its quirky and witty gameplay videos. Utkarsh has released over 450 videos till date, of which more than one-fifth are about GTA V. Other than GTA V, he has also released a lot of videos on other games like Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, Hitman 2 etc. Videos on the channel are posted almost daily and are generally between 30 to 50 minutes in length.

XpertThief – 5.52 Million subscribers

XpertThief comes from the solo commentary school of YouTubing and he’s just as entertaining on his own as the last three channels in our list. His Thug Life series is filled with general GTA V online shenanigans. There are close to 1900 videos on the channel with varying lengths and almost always above 10 minutes. He also has a GTA 5 Rapper’s Life and GTA % Bounty Hunters series which are filled with some cool tricks to help you become the most notorious criminal in Los Santos.



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