Most Expensive lego: Welcome dear curious minds, today your curiosity has made you reach this blog. This is about a creative innovation that stimulates the creativity in the human minds. There is this wonderful innovation that requires a huge amount of curiosity to be played with which is popularly known as LEGO.

LEGO has reached many followers and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has a separate army of seriously sincere admirers that just loves to talk about their beloved game. Many children knew the word ‘obsessed’ only after creating a LEGO due to their parent’s and friend’s taunts over their obsessive behavior towards their “PROJECTS”.

The LEGO INDUSTRY has witnessed an exponential growth in their sales in recent times when the producers were offering different sets to different age groups based on their likings and interests.

What Is Lego?

Lego is basically a bunch of separated parts of a single projection. It is created when all the parts are arranged in a specific manner. In general words, lego is a toy that teaches the children, playing it, to ‘build’. Therefore it is a toy that no parent would stop the child from playing with.

By the time a new LEGO set reaches the consumer market, it already starts enjoying the title of  ‘the best thing in the year’. The LEGO INDUSTRY has a very determined research and development department that tells the production managers to ‘change the molds’ before a minute change in the trends and thus helps the producers to fill the hearts of the children with nothing but LEGO.

The producers have made it sure to cover almost every significant segment of any admired art that is presented to the humans, in a LEGO SET, whether it is a cartoon, an anime, a movie or even a short film.Almost every ship, every sword, every character,and even the character’s favorite elephant got a personal LEGO ADAPTATION.

Lego games are offered to the children in different forms -: starting from the HOGWARTS CASTLE to a Fighter Plane.


The children are provided with the disassembled parts along with a manual/guide, showing the correct way to assemble those parts in order to get the predetermined projection.The children sometimes uses that manual and as per the tendencies of a toddler many of them just throws the guide book away and initiates the quest to formulate the LEGO by using the might of their “brockley-loving brains”.

Most of the children asks their big brothers and sisters to join them. In many cases the parents are more concerned about the sets than the children. This results in some joyful laughs in the family. Creating some happy moments to remember while sitting in the garden after a very busy rather tiring day.


Let’s have a look at some of its benefits:

  • Playing with lego requires a creative and imaginative mind in order to construct ‘the building’ which is developed while playing.
  • Instead of a mere time pass, the children are provided with some building exercises. It boosts their mental aging and the capability to construct-whether things or ideas!!
  • It indulges children’s minds into the magic of creation.
  • When a lego model is built, the children start taking good care of those models. This brings the habit of caring in their lives.
  • This game teaches the children the significance of creation and thus creates a mentality of protection of the dear ones.
  • The ‘ready to perish’ nature of the models. This means weakness of these models in front of human forces develops the correct etiquettes of caring and protecting the precious things, in children’s heart. Like walking consciously in front of a little baby.
  • The children who used to throw things and destroy them for fun, understand the consequences of such destructive actions and choose peace.
  • The children, while building a LEGO set, tend to apply their total focus in the process. This thereby helps in filling their cup of concentration with some nectar.


Distinguished types of legos are offered to the customers of different age groups.

There are some legos for children above the age of 14 too!! Which is why LEGO  enjoys the title of ‘world famous’ i.e, it is liked by almost every age group of the human colonies.

There are to be built castles, star warships and marvel(Superheroes) related stuff that are provided to the ‘fans’.

The lego industry(producers) considered different age groups and their liked movies while producing and offering lego sets and that is the reason why many of the legos are based on some populous movies like- STAR WARS and IRON MAN,etc


Many people have this question about what is the most expensive lego. Since there are numerous types of legos available in the market they make a very competitive product in the whole TOYS-BUSINESS.

With such diverse varieties of LEGO SETS, their price determination is the main quest. 

The price of every  LEGO is determined by mainly two factors, which are-

  • The production cost
  • The craze for that particular LEGO SET at that particular point of time(as if a new STAR WARS movie is broadcasted in the recent times, there are more chances of the public going crazy about a STAR WARSHIP)

In consideration of the effect of volume and variety of the production of lego sets, their production costs vary, depending on the model type and the details required to be added to the set while considering the target audience(whether the user is a 6 year old toddler or a 12 year old knight).

There are some sets that cost above $300 too!! And the MOST EXPENSIVE LEGO SET is the Millennium Falcon that costs more than $800!!!

It is a very detailed adaptation of the very admired STAR WARSHIPS featured in the world famous movie-STAR WARS. The minute details added to the production along with the fact that it gifted the REBEL ALLIANCE and the NEW REPUBLIC with glorious wins( a reference from STAR WARS MOVIES) it is worth more than 800 bucks which makeS it the MOST EXPENSIVE LEGO SET.



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