liable for an injury

 As a consumer you have a right to expect a product to be safe when using it. Companies will break these expectations when they produce a product of lesser value than it should be. These manufacturers with use dangerous designs, fail to test the product properly either for weaknesses and or defects. Maybe they used the wrong material to make it? Or they don’t tell us about the potential warnings or safety measures we need to use when marketing the product. Regardless of why, there are a aide range of reasons that will make a manufacturer liable for an injury when using their products. 

One of the main reasons why you see so many defective product cases in our world today is because todays products are not built nor designed for longevity. These manufacturers know that if they do indeed build a product that can last you a lifetime then why would you ever have the need to buy the product again? The idea came from the 20’s, when General Motors had this great idea, what is now called planned obsolescence. Now it is not the intentional planning the product is going to fail that harms consumers, it is the negligence that usually contributors to a product defect injury.

How Defective Products Get to Consumers

There a number of ways a product can make it’s way to consumers. Here is what one Product Liability Lawyer and his team had to say about how defective products get to consumers liable for an injury;

“Companies are constantly unveiling new products onto the market. While there are certain standards these products are supposed to meet, there is simply not enough oversight to inspect every product. There are not enough inspectors to determine whether every item is safe for consumers. Safety advocates also point out that our current laws give far too much leeway to manufacturers in policing themselves.

We see evidence of these institutional shortcomings constantly in the news. From dangerous Takata airbags to exploding lithium ion batteries to defective medical devices, consumers are regularly learning of new dangers that are dormant in the products they purchase. Many of these products are scrutinized and recalled only after damage has been done and consumers have suffered harm because of a defect.”

So as you can see, manufacturers are mass producing these products while they don’t have the capability to ensure all of them are safe for consumers before they hit the shelf. They find out a product has been manufactured or tested incorrectly in some way after the damage has already been inflicted on the consumers. This happens time and time again all around the country, if you believe something similar has happened to you it might be smart to contact a product lability lawyer. 

Do you Think you are a Victim of a Product Defect? 

If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of a product defect, then you should reach out to a product liability attorney. These manufacturers should pay if you or a loved one has been injured because their oversight for your safety. A product defect or product liability lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. Make sure you keep accurate and descriptive notes about the incidence and the receipts of the product. Who was injured and how, what the product was and the defect that lead to the liable for an injury. If you have this information a product liability lawyer should be able to help you and fight for your rights as a consumer. These product defects can come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be vehicles, appliances, kitchen appliances, children’s toys, bikes, industrial machines in factories, household products, electrical hand tools and much more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a defective product lawyer in your area today!



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