Strategies for Roulette

Roulette like the best online slots Canada has been studied by numerous players for a long time and there have been a lot of different strategies considered as the best. Still, Roulette is a chance table game and most of the time, luck is a prevailing factor. This is something that every player should know. Still, there are numerous roulette strategies. In this article, you will know about  The Best Strategies for Roulette and Betting in the Game.

Roulette Types

It is worth mentioning that there are three main types of roulette: the European, the French, and the American version. European Roulette has 37 numbers including one 0, unlike the American that has two zeroes. The European roulette has numbers 1 to 36 and a house edge is 2.7% and betting on a number has odds of 1/37. It is the most known and played version of roulette worldwide. 

French differs from European and American through their two rules: “En Prison” and “La Partage”. This means that for example when a bettor bets an even-odd on both red or black and if the ball hits the zero, the player gest 50% of their bet back or they can put it in “En Prison” for the next spin. These simple rules reduce the French house edge to 1.35%. 

American Roulette has lower odds of success with a 5.26% house edge. Therefore, it is best to play European or even better French roulette. 

The Paroli Betting Strategy

This betting strategy implies an increase in the bet after a win. So, each time a player wins, they should increase their bet and most imply that three increases or 3 wins in a row and stop. 

The Martingale System

This is a highly popular betting system and it is used in other gambling games and not just in roulette. The strategy implies that every time a player loses a bet, they should double it in order to recover the losses. The biggest downside of this system is that losing streaks frequently occur and a lot of money is needed to back this strategy up. It is still seen as the best roulette strategy. 

The D’Alembert Strategy

This is a mixture of the above two types. According to D’Alembert, a player should increase their bet amount after a loss and decrease their bet after a win. This betting strategy is based on a fallacy since the probability of success always remains the same no matter whether the last hand was a win or a loss. 

Roulette is one of the most known casino table games in the world and the different types of roulette have differing odds. Additionally, there are various tips and tricks to help you master the branch. 


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