tips for winter

Your furnace is an important part of the household. Being the device that heats your home, it’s a vital component for the colder months quickly approaching. However, like many parts of your HVAC system, the furnace is not immune to wear and tear and can easily stop working if neglected. It’s important to make sure the furnace stays functioning through the winter, so here are some useful tips to keep in mind for your furnace’s health.

Drain Your Pipes

Drain Your Pipes

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For those with older systems in place, draining your boiler pipes can be beneficial for keeping things clean and functioning. Occasionally, air will sometimes flow into the water pipes, stopping the heat from circulating throughout your home. In this case, the best method to fix the problem is to drain the air out of the boiler. You can manually drain the air from the pipes yourself, or you can hire a professional who will provide a thorough cleaning of the entire system. Either way, excess air in your pipes is never a good thing, and getting it resolved is vital to staying warm in the winter.

Change the Filter

The next step in keeping your furnace ready for winter is to change your filters. Perhaps it’s a bit obvious, but the regular changing and cleaning of your filter will keep your entire heating system from mucking up. Likewise, a clean furnace filter also means better air quality, improved energy efficiency and a longer-lasting furnace overall. Usually, it’s a good move to replace or clean your furnace filters every one to six months to ensure optimal performance.

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Schedule Cleaning and Maintenance

It is essential to keep things working properly, and with a scheduled cleaning from a professional, you can make sure your furnace is running well. Letting your furnace go without any sort of cleaning can result in a dramatic decrease of function, poor air quality, and in the worst case scenario, a full breakdown of your system. Cleaning serves to prevent system failure because nobody wants their furnace to suddenly stop working in the middle of a blizzard.

Clear Obstructions

Although it seems obvious, remember it’s beneficial to ensure your vents are cleared of any obstructions that might hinder them from performing properly. Your furnace is responsible for carrying warmth through the house, so the vents that drift heat should be completely clean for the best performance. As per usual when it comes to such things, professional help is always recommended.

Having covered the basics of furnace maintenance, your furnace will be all set for the coming winter months. Be sure to drain your pipes of air for better heat distribution, and change your furnace filter regularly to prevent issues in the future. Schedule cleaning and maintenance of your furnace to keep it running smoothly, and clear any obstructions you might have within your vents for better flow of heat. Keep all these tips in mind, and your home will stay nice and toasty even through the cold winter conditions.