Call Center Managers

In 2018, the CFI Group—a marketing research consulting firm that measures the efficiency of contact center services—published a survey showing that 79 percent of consumers contact call centers via phone. While having an omni channel option is important, you still want to appease those customers who are calling in the traditional way. Here are five things successful Call Center Managers do daily.

  1. Stay up-to-date and on top of technology trends.

The past 20 years have experienced tremendous technological development in the business world. JavaScript web development, SMS marketing, social media management, and the emergence of online stores are some of the latest trends in the business world. Companies that have collaborated with call-center technology providers, like Bright Pattern—a company that offers the industry’s simplest, most powerful cloud contact center software—are on fire.

Contemporary call centers require the right technology and tools to function effectively. A Successful Call Center Managers continuously monitors innovative technologies that can show the significance of perfection in his/her sphere of influence—call centers.

  1. Want to be the best? Hire the best.

While it might seem impossible to make call canters a place agents fancy, a little communication, planning, and motivation can work miracles. Your agents want to feel understood, appreciated, and valued. Ask them about ways of bettering their working environment and allow them to voice their concerns.

Some call centers have break rooms with Ping Pong tables and video gaming areas and don’t have strict dress codes. For example, a black pencil skirt for females, and a lightweight cardigan made of Ponte fabric for males might not be much of an issue. Of course, what matters is their mobile phone skills, not their wardrobe.

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Others boost their agent’s morale by providing drinks and candy at regular intervals. While it might look like an expensive venture, it won’t be long before you enjoy the results. Happy agents make for excellent customer experience, content, and retained clients, and that is invaluable.

According to the New York Times, superior customer experience made the Philippines outdo India as a hub of call centers, and airlines in the United States prefer outsourcing call canters services from Philippines firms.

  1. Talk to and listen to what your agents have to say.

Agents can offer invaluable feedback and ultimately become a research tool for your department and the entire organization. They have an insight into the performance of your competitors and the taste and preferences of your customers.

Listening to agent feedback can help you strategize on how to better practices and processes to make clients satisfied. Talking to your agents:

  • Helps you gain feedback
  • Makes them feel their opinions and voice matters
  • Makes them feel their work is critical to the organization
  • Motivates them to work harder
  1. Provide targeted coaching.

Other than regular coaching practices and training, effective call center leaders involve particular agents while reviewing matters that arise, or while on a specific call. It lets agents assess unclear or complicated issues and avert their reoccurrence.

5.Think like a customer and make data-based decisions.

The focus of the call center should be the person on the other side of a call. Concentrate on bettering the customer’s experience. Is your call canter automated routing system complicated? Do customers prefer talking to real agents rather than your digital self-service means? If so, you might need to change your technology.

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Data drives all business decisions nowadays. Excellent managers establish KPIs and goals in their call centers. After setting goals and determining the right metrics, they use the available technology for gathering data for making better decisions.