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Experiencing Head Injuries after a fall and Taking Legal Action

Workplace accidents can happen at any time and in any place. We may experience a slip and a fall whenever we step on a slippery surface and land on our heads. We can also experience a head injury whenever something in the workplace is not secured and falls on our heads. Whatever the cause of the injury may be there are ways to receive compensation as you may be experiencing grievances that at not entirely related to physical pain. Let’s take a closer look at common types of head injuries and the legal process of starting a lawsuit for serious head injuries after a fall to receive compensation if you were injured on the job.

Common Types of Head Injuries After a Fall

There are dozens of different types of head injuries that can occur after you experience a fall. Here is a list of some of the most common documented cases that you need to look out for:

  • Epidural hematoma happens whenever there is a blood clot inside of the brain that develops underneath the skull
  • Intraventricular hemorrhage happens whenever bleeding begins to happen in the ventricles of the brain
  • Skull fractures are common with head falls and can lead to brain injuries
  • Contusions will occur on the surface where the head makes contact with the ground
  • Concussions are a very common byproduct of a head injury after a fall and can have lasting effects
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Reasons for Seeking Compensation After a Fall

Slipping in the workplace whenever it is your employer’s duty to ensure that all working areas are safe can disrupt your very way of life. Some of the injuries that we have listed above can cause you to lose work and not be able to make income. Not to mention the medical bills that can rack up if you have experienced a very serious injury. Here are a list of reasons you will want to seek help if you have experienced a fall in your workplace:

  • Ongoing medical treatment to help you if you have received a brain injury from the workplace or a car accident
  • Expenses that can cover you whenever you are out of work for an extended period of time
  • The expenses can help compensate you for the emotional trauma that you may experience

The Health Problems Associated With Brain Injuries

One of the most dangerous things that can happen from a slip and fall is that you may experience brain damage. Serious brain damage can stunt your ability to function properly in your day to day life. There are ongoing medical complications that you will need to constantly seek medical attention for. Brain damage can lead to:

  • Loss of motor skills or the ability to remain productive
  • Constant pain 
  • Emotional mood swings that happen due to the brain damage
  • Difficulty with processing information and severe memory loss

These signs are serious problems that one needs to be aware of if they have experienced a slip and fall at their place of work or any other place that can be held accountable. 

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Statute of Limitations and More Information

Receiving a brain injury after a fall in the workplace or at a place of business can be considered negligence. The business is at fault and can be sought after for compensation. However, there are statute of limitations in effect that must be considered before you decide to take legal action. The average statute of limitations depending on your state is three years after the injury has occurred. This means that you must take immediate legal action since cases take so long to start if you wish to seek compensation for your injury due to a business’ negligence. We recommend that you take legal action as soon as possible to get things moving so that you can cover your expenses such as medical costs, personal finances, and grievance

Finding Help Whenever You Need it The Most

Many people are unfamiliar with the legal system and choose not to take legal action due to how intimidating the whole process can be. It is important that victims understand their rights and how they can seek compensation for their injuries due to negligence. A fall can end someone’s way of life without them even knowing it and they should be entitled to help for the damages they received due to someone else’s carelessness. Seeking legal help immediately after an injury is the guaranteed way to improve your chances of winning a case and turning your situation around in your favor.