best business ideas 2020

We know that almost all business owners and stakeholders are struggling to adapt and find successful business ideas during the coronavirus pandemic. However, some areas are thriving, and some business ideas are set to become the most profitable for 2020 and well into the new decade. In this article, you will know about  6 best business ideas for 2020.

1. Go autonomous

Touch-free is the future, it was coming anyway, but the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this shift in the worldwide economy forward about a decade. Autonomous vehicles used for deliveries or for transportation are safer and cheaper than using manned vehicles – and let’s admit it, they’re very cool and make us feel like we’re in the future.

2. Take to the skies

Sticking with the un-manned vehicles for deliveries, drones also make a good business idea for 2020. Controlled from the ground, drones are the future, providing a clear way for humans to master same-day delivery without paying over the odds for the service. Drone businesses are taking off in 2020 in a big way.

3. Wellness ventures

This is 2020, and we’re ready to start taking proper care of ourselves. With more and more people spending time in isolation, afraid for their health, mourning loved ones, or just feeling the effects of living through strange times, self-care is big – and imperative – in 2020.  Whether it’s a wellness app or a meditation programme, businesses that venture into wellbeing are hot this year.

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4. Postcasting

When people have more time on their hands, they need more entertainment. Podcasts are on the rise and if you have a good idea, you could be the next big thing. Podcasts are a great way to create revenue with little investment, and have fun at the same time. Plenty of companies are willing to shell out for in-podcast adverts or recommendations, which will be the main source of income for you in your new life as a podcast host.

5. E-commerce

Deliveries are up, high streets are down. However that makes you feel, the reality is that the high street brick-and-mortar stores are set to suffer in 2020, while e-commerce stores are headed for success! If you’re able to make, or bulk-buy an item with enough interest in a niche that isn’t ultra-competitive, you could be turning a profit within a quarter.

6. Sell yourself

What’s your skill? If you’re handy – create something with your hands. If you’ve got a green thumb, consider setting up a gardening service. If you’re multilingual, consider online language tutoring or translating. In 2020, we’re ready to celebrate our differences and make our personal skills profitable business ideas – what you’re good at is probably going to be the same thing that makes you successful!


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