sexy lingerie without fuss

No outfit is complete (or can actually begin) without the most important piece of clothing: underwear. Well-fitting underwear is the basis of your look, but also of how you feel. Normally, underwear is unfortunately buried under your entire wardrobe, but this summer, bras and briefs are more important than ever. Good news: they are not only comfortable, but are also so beautiful that everyone can see them. If you want that then of course.

Well, underwear is going to be the best this summer. And we welcome that. Less is more: you don’t have to do too much fuss, combine your romper with your hoodie during your daily walk, for example, or wear a simple bralette with an oversized blazer to the supermarket (if you dare). The lingerie as a daily outfit, just on the street, was not to be missed on the catwalks of summer 2020. And if we can believe Emily Ratajkowski, this is THE look of this summer, she uses both her bralettes and bandeaus in her outfit almost daily.

What types of lingerie are there?

The balcony, pushup, plunge, babydoll, bodysuit, rio and brazilian. Just a few lingerie pieces that you may know through and through or are completely unknown to you. Can’t you imagine the “rio” or “plunge” within the lingerie category? Then this article is especially for you and all other ladies (and gentlemen) who are wondering what exactly is what. That way you will know exactly what you want in terms of model next time you are in the Hunkemöller or other lingerie store, and that is great. Ladies (and probably also gentlemen), sit back, read and learn.In addition to lingerie, you may also want to buy a sex toy for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Are you looking for a nice dildo or viborator? The vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys together with the dildo.


One of the more famous accessories of lingerie are the suspenders. These were used around shortly after the World War to hold a woman’s nylon stockings in place. By means of a band that you wear around your waist, on which small bands of fabric hang with a clip at the end. You attach these clips to the stocking, so that it cannot sag. While they were still as mainly functional in the 60s, suspenders are now often worn as accessories. Often there are decorations such as bows and lace edges.


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