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Scott Grigoletto: Living in the time of social media, there are very few things that don’t go viral. Almost every little thing that is news is accessible to people online. Not only that, but people also engage in small incidents more than necessary. It is sometimes good to see people rise up to stand for the truth but other times, it can seem to be too much.

One such incident went viral in September 2021. It looked like a simple incident from afar but had deeper layers to it. A teacher in Illinois named Scott Grigoletto had shouted at their student for not wearing a mask properly. On top of that, he had called the student something inappropriate and threatened to call the cops on him. Another student was present at the scene and had recorded the incident. He then later released the video, and it went viral, attracting hundreds of tweets.

But there are a lot of things that happened after the clip went viral. A lot of conversations took place that made people look at the incident from multiple perspectives. If you want to know more about Scott Grigoletto and what went down at the school he taught, keep reading.

scott grigoletto

Who is Scott Grigoletto?

Surprisingly enough, nothing about Scott Grigoletto and his personal life is known even though he became viral. Usually, when people go viral, for either the right or wrong reasons, we get to know a lot about them. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case with Scott Grigoletto. The only thing known about him is that he was a teacher at Glenbard North Highschool in Illinois, USA.

What did Scott Grigoletto do?

The exact date is unknown, but in the first week of September 2021, a video went viral that showed Scott Grigoletto shouting at one of his students. Apparently, the student was wearing their mask below their nose, which wasn’t how you’re supposed to wear the mask. According to the student who recorded the video and the video footage itself, Scott is seen to be shouting at a student for wearing the mask wrong, which was misconduct on his part. Under no circumstances should a teacher shout at their student. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Scott Grigoletto had also called the student “a piece of sh**,” which made matters worse. Verbally abusing a child isn’t right, especially if an adult is doing so.

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And even after that big of misbehavior, Scott threatened to call the cops. This again took things to a different level. A child should be safe in an educational institution. They shouldn’t be getting verbally abused and threatened.

After the incident took place, a TikTok account by the name Libs posted the video of Scott Grigoletto shouting at the student. The video went viral. Initially, nobody knew the identity of the teacher in the video. Hence, everyone who was angry at the teacher did not have a name to point fingers at. But then, the same TikTok account found out who the teacher was and revealed it to the public. After that, people started condemning his inappropriate behavior and demanded that the school fires him. This is what happened, but even a lot of things followed.

scott grigoletto

Things that followed after the Scott Grigoletto incident

Once the news of the Scott Grigoletto incident went viral, he started getting hate from almost everyone. Almost all the people who had seen the video wanted him gone from the school.

But his students had something different to say. Apparently, Scott was not a favorite of his students. They loved him. And they came to his rescue. Scott Grigoletto students set up a petition that would prevent him from getting fired and even got over 1500 signatures on it. It was the description of the petition that showed what kind of person Scott Grigoletto really was. His students described him as helpful and kind, someone who was always there for them. One student said that earlier, he hated going to school but having Scott as his teacher really helped. And it was because of that, he slowly started to like school.

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The most shocking thing said by the students is that the video of Scotf Grigoletto that went viral was misleading. They did that; apparently, Scott has repeatedly told the student to wear the mask properly in a polite voice. But the student did not listen and was stubborn. The students who supported him agreed that it was wrong of him to shout, verbally abuse and threaten the student. But Scott lost his temper only after the student listened to his polite requests.

The students hoped that the signatures on the petition would help Scott get another chance. They loved their teacher and wanted to help him.

Scott Grigoletto Resignation

Before Scott Grigoletto could be fired, he resigned from his job. Maybe it was the public humiliation that made him do it. Or perhaps he did not want his students to see him get fired even after they tried their best to help him. Whatever the reason, Scott never made a public statement and just left his job at the school.

scott grigoletto

Final Thoughts

We all can agree that what Scott Grigoletto did was wrong. But if he deserved the public humiliation online or not is debatable. Some feel that he deserved to get fired, while some saw his actions as an honest mistake. Neither side is wrong.

Scott handled the situation very well and in a very mature manner. He did not go online and try to pick a fight. And instead of getting fired, he chose to resign.

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