Poverty causes a lack of productive resources, malnutrition, and poor healthcare. It also limits the resources to education. Due to poverty, social discrimination increases. Furthermore, it prevents many people to actively participate in decision-making and other campaigns.

 According to a UNICEF report, over 600 million children and adolescents worldwide couldn’t afford the have basic proficiency in reading and counting. Still now, in rural areas, many families remain as the victims of illiteracy. The education system aims to impart knowledge for students to excel in the practical world. Therefore, as a part of an academic curriculum, students are allotted assignments for various subjects to improve their knowledge and skills in writing and thinking ability. 

However, education and healthcare can eradicate poverty when effectively used. 

How Can Education & Healthcare Eradicate Poverty?

  • Eradicating Poverty using Education

Education opens doors to jobs, resources and skills that help an individual sustain and thrive. In addition, educated people have cognitive and emotional communication skills through quality education. Such skills allow individuals to earn high incomes and build successful lives.

Now, how can it eradicate poverty? Read on to see the ways.

  • Education links with economic growth

Education is the best way to remove poverty. A research study at Stanford University and Munich’s Ludwig Maximilian University, between 1960 and 2000, showed a 75% growth in the gross domestic product linked with math and science skills. Some authors concluded that the cognitive relationship resulted in an extraordinary growth rate. Moreover, education helps the children learn new sets of skills, subjects and ways to implement the skills in daily life. 

With that, education is now opening new sectors of jobs. For example, nowadays, many management institutes give opportunities to get jobs at MNCs. Employment increases the human resources and production of the companies. Moreover, the increase in output favors the companies to impact society positively.

  1. Education improves gender equality: One of the main barriers to poverty is inequality. Systematic inequality serves as the main thread for extreme poverty with Biology Exam Help. Thus, education is a basic human right that will tailor to eliminate irrationality. It brings harmony among the low communities. Also, it allows new institutes to experiment and provide new aspects, like education for girls. Here’s how education helps a girl child:
  • As many girl children get subjected to various social inequalities like female infanticide, domestic violence, and more. Thus, education eradicates injustice, thus giving people the chance to live a better life.
  •  Studies showed many girls in remote areas get married once they complete their secondary education. With marriage and pregnancy, many girls give up their dreams and aspirations. So, education can help them get new jobs and plan their future vibrantly.
  • Education allows girls to work and be a part of the prominent work culture. It even helps to start businesses and bring changes that equate their roles in society.
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Most women look after their children or become homemakers to fulfill their duties. Thus, equality can bring a greater chance of ending the poverty cycle. 

  1. Literacy improves healthcare: Estimates state that around one-eighth of all children are malnourished. Likewise, in some low-income countries, children continue to experience malnourishment until they reach age 5. Thus, poor healthcare directly reflects the insufficient knowledge of proper nutritional diets.

Thus, education helps to improve the standards of health around the world. Increased literacy skills will make people aware of the infectious and life-threatening diseases. It educates about rational and scientific facts. Likewise, education adheres to eliminate superstitions.

  1. Saves planet: Climate change has recently resulted in increased natural disasters and reduced agricultural output. Chemistry Exam Help As a result, environmental sciences are advancing their education programs to grow green industries. Moreover, agriculture contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases. That is why primary and secondary education can help future farmers and agriculturists understand agriculture’s sustainability challenges.
  • Eradicating Poverty using Healthcare

With quality healthcare, poverty can be eradicated by collecting more and more funding. These campaigns function to overcome the barriers of geography and social and psychology. Thus, 

  1. Quality healthcare can help to be aware of infectious diseases.
  2.  Healthcare promotes sanitation programs that help to clear the surroundings. A clean environment can help people to have healthy habits. With this, people can prevent themselves from getting ill and become healthy. 
  3. Also, healthcare and education come together to promote sex education. It teaches about STIs, life-risking diseases like AIDS, chlamydia, herpes and so on. Another vital aspect that sex education enables is population control. Overpopulation can affect the economic balance of the country. That’s why population control can track both mortality and fatality rate.
  4. Organised healthcare focuses on improving nutrition and access to safe and clean water. These structural actions have called for measures to tackle inequality and injustices from tax-paying and other money collection drives, which can compel the risk of poverty.
  5. Some diseases like Tuberculosis, diarrhea, malaria and so on can be deadly and not easily cured. These diseases not only increase poverty but also promote low life expectancy. To cure such diseases, vaccination is required. That’s why healthcare organisations provide vaccinations to prevent these diseases.
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Parting thoughts

Poverty is one of the biggest threats that most developing countries face. With the pandemic, many countries became the victims of poverty. Some even are facing significant economic instabilities like inflation and recession. That’s why the government bodies are calling for new measures to meet the needs.

According to WHO’s report, some global campaigns have focused on minimising poverty. These campaigns aim to provide free education, accessible quality healthcare and sanitation. The movements also promote the removal of superstitious taboos that have affected many lives. Like this, one day, the world will reach its peak and become free from the problems of unemployment, misery and poverty.


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