Today, there are many services which know how to determine the market value of your old vehicle online. The most convenient and fastest way is an online car valuation calculator. In this way, you can perform a procedure for evaluating the car without leaving home. It is important to choose a quality service with a well-defined algorithm. You even can find salvage car value calculator, because nowadays it becomes more and more common to sell junk cars. 

Such services as JunkCarsUS offer motorists to independently assess the cost of the car using the unique car value assessment service specially developed by their xperts. However, it is possible to find an assessment service that will show you the values of the maximum and minimum prices on the market at the moment, the range of retail prices and the average market price depending on the different period of sale of your vehicle.

The main features of car value calculators 

In order to assess the market value of your car as accurately as possible, you need to enter the current data:

  • Vehicle make and model;
  • Year of manufacture and generation;
  • Body type, gearbox and engine type, drive, engine power, real mileage;
  • The city of selling a car.

After entering the necessary data into the calculator for independent evaluation of the car, the average cost as well as the price range are calculated automatically and will be reflected on the chart. The schedule offers several prices depending on the period of sale of the car and the expected technical condition.

The online car evaluation program also offers an extended analytical report, which can be ordered completely free of charge. The report contains an extended assessment of the vehicle, is compiled for each client individually, based on current data, and comes to your personal email within a few minutes.

In the detailed report you will find:

  • Distribution of sales prices of your model, based on the analysis of offers in the car market;
  • Dynamics of changes in the sale prices of your car and exchange rate;
  • Analysis of prices of car modifications;
  • Real ranges of prices of analogues of other brands;
  • Evaluation of the car depending on the method and term of sale.

All indicators specified in the expert report significantly affect the evaluation of the car and the period of sale of the vehicle.

The most professional services take into account not only the technical condition, but also the following significant factors that directly affect the evaluation of the car:

  • Calendar month of sale before the release of new models of the manufacturer or its competitors;
  • Seasonality;
  • The dollar exchange rate, which has a significant impact on value.

Thus, the online calculator allows you to evaluate cars online with an accuracy of 95%.

In case you do not agree with the evaluation of your car for sale, we suggest sending an application by filling out the appropriate form on the website. The service will contact you shortly, clarify the details and offer the best option for the method and timing of sale of your car.

If you have already decided on the price, method and term of sale, you can  leave an application for the sale of your car through the auction. Depending on your needs, services offer a choice of several sales options:

  • Urgent ransom;
  • Express auction; .
  • Retail auction;
  • Car exchange.

Several ways to sell your junk car beneficially

In case of junk cars you need to choose between two main ways: 

  • To sell the car to special service;
  • To sell car parts.

The front of almost all cars is highly marketable: grille, lamps, bumpers, indicators, hood and front wings as well as internal components such as the radiator and its screws on the body are in high demand. 

The reason is simple: these vulnerable coins are the first to cash in the event of an accident. As long as the chassis is not affected, minor damage to a car can be repaired with these used parts. A weak point is the lamps. The fashionable clear glass headlights 15 years ago are outdated now: they are becoming dull. Depending on the car and its age, foggy headlight protectors can be the reason for a failure at the technical inspection.

As long as the glass is intact, the blurred spots and scratches can be polished. In light cases, toothpaste and a tea towel are enough. More serious cases require polishing. Freshly polished and clearly translucent headlights reach excellent prices.

This applies specifically to extremely expensive xenon headlights. Their installation and replacement is not easy. They are in high demand and can be easily sold, ideally in pairs.

The inside of car parts selling 

To sell individual engine parts, no disassembly is necessary. As long as the car always starts properly, two components are easily accessible: the starter and the generator.

The starter is located on the top of the engine block. It is a cast iron case with two cables. The starter is fixed by four bolts. It often needs to be recovered from under a set of plastic and other components. Once extracted, it can be easily stored until you have found a buyer.

The generator can be removed just as easily. It is fixed by only three bolts. The generator can be identified by the cables that come out of it and the transmission belt connected to it. If it is an old V-shaped belt generator, its disassembly is particularly simple. To speed up the procedure, simply cut the belt. For Poly-V belt generators, it is advisable to also remove the tensioner. These parts can be sold together.

The next easily accessible part is the control unit, which is usually located behind the deck between the cabin and the engine space. The control unit is an aluminum housing with a connected power strip.

The turbocharger can also be of interest to buyers because this new part is very expensive. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to determine how long it has been used. Potential buyers of turbochargers therefore do not rush, but you can always try.

Conduct a market study beforehand. However, this way is quite challenging and demands a lot of time. If you’re looking for the quickest way, choose buyers of junk cars!


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