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Colleen Ritzer wiki: We often read about celebrities online and the various crimes they fall victim to. But rarely do we read about normal people and the crimes they face. Oftentimes, even if these stories come up, people forget about them. But it is important that we remember such stories as it reminds us that you can never be safe enough. It is necessary to be aware of the crimes happening against people, especially women so that we can take maximum precautions. 

If you are a person who likes to know about such stories and take precautions, we have just the story for you. In this article, we are going to be talking about Colleen Ritzer, a maths teacher who was brutally killed at Danvers High School in 2013. Her story is truly tragic and an example of how cruel people can be. So, keep reading if you want to know about Colleen Ritzer wiki, her profession, family and death. 

colleen ritzer wiki

About Colleen Ritzer

Colleen Ritzer was a woman from Massachusetts, USA. She was a High School Maths teacher at, Danvers High School. Colleen was also an entrepreneur. 

According to her students, he was a very sweet person and a helpful teacher. She used to go beyond and No one has ever said that used to be verbally abusive to her students. There are no reports that suggest that Colleen was anything but a wonderful person. The life she led was also very simple. She had a good relationship with her family, was well-educated and enjoyed her life as a teacher. 

The fact that she got murdered in a gruesome way for no reason at all is truly baffling. Nobody expected somebody like her to get murdered suddenly and ruthlessly. Her parents fought for her justice all those years ago in 2013 and are now filing a lawsuit against the architectural firm that was responsible for security in Danvers High School. Colleen’s parents want to make sure that the firm takes accountability for not doing their job well and to ensure that they are more responsible in the future to prevent any more crimes. 

colleen ritzer wiki

Colleen Ritzer personal life

Colleen Ritzer was born in 1989 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She was born in a Christian family in Massachusetts. Her parents were Thomas and Peggie Ritzer. Colleen had two siblings, Laura and Daniel. Thus, she came from a very loving family. Besides, all the family photos suggest that the family had a close bond. 

Speaking of her education, she attended Andover High School. After that she attended Assumption College. While she was teaching at Danvers High School, she was also studying at Salem State College and was thus very hardworking. 

When Colleen passed away, she was twenty-four years of age. There are no reports of her having a partner at that time which suggests that she was single. Nothing else is known about her personal life. 

About Colleen’s death (22nd October 2013)

Colleen Ritzer’s murder was quite a surprise to everyone around her. She was not known to have a bad relationship with anyone. Neither was there any news of her having a feud with anyone? What happened on 22nd October 2013 was truly tragic. 

According to reports, it was just another day at school. Ritzer had asked one of her students, Philip Chism and another student (name unknown) to stay back after school. This wasn’t due to detention or anything of that sort. Colleen usually asked students to stay back if they required help. She also talked to troubled students who just needed someone to listen to them. The unnamed student told the authorities what had happened.

colleen ritzer wiki

More Details Colleen Ritzer Wiki

Philip Chism (age 14 at the time) had just moved to Massachusetts from Tennessee. And thus Colleen wanted him to help adjust to the change. She had apparently asked him about Tennessee, but the topic of conversation disturbed him, and she stopped asking him anything further on the topic. After some time, Colleen had gone to the bathroom.

Chism went to the same bathroom after a few minutes. This was caught on a CCTV camera in the school. Chism was seen to cover his face and head with a hoodie. What happened next was truly tragic and unfortunate. According to reports, Chism had raped Colleen Ritzer in the bathroom and then murdered her there. He had apparently cut Colleen’s throat sixteen times with a box cutter. It was also caught on CCTV that he came out of the bathroom wearing bloody pants. He then went and changed his hoodie. And then later dumped her dead body in the woods. He had also reportedly stolen Ritzer’s credit cards after killing her.  

Philip Chism was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery. On 15th December 2015, he was sentenced to forty years in prison. 

Things that followed Colleen’s death 

Colleen Ritzer was buried on 28th October 2013. Her family fought for her and Chism got the sentence he deserved. During the court hearings, Chism’s attorney said that Chism did not intend to harm Ritzer but was suffering mentally. That he was probably suffering from schizophrenia or something similar which made him hear voices that were not there. And that had caused him to commit the heinous crimes that he did. A psychiatrist had agreed that Chism was indeed suffering mentally. But then again, that does not excuse the first-degree murder and, thus he was sentenced to prison for four decades. 

Final thoughts 

This is where we will end our article about Colleen Ritzer wiki, personal life, and death. Colleen was known to be an amazing teacher, loving to all. Even though her murderer was punished, her death caused a certain kind of a pain to her family that cannot be removed. May she rest in peace. 

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