why cant i join my friends minecraft world

While playing, you might not want any kind of interruption. No one wants any interruption with their gaming. Why cant I join my friends Minecraft world? Why is this happening? Well, there must be a reason why you can’t join your friend’s Minecraft World.

But now, you must be frustrated that you are not able to join the game. So, what different can you do to play the game in your friend’s Minecraft World?

All these questions and doubts in your mind need to be answered. Keep scrolling through the blog to find your answers and a cure to the issue!

why cant i join my friends minecraft world

What is Minecraft?

If you are a gamer, you must be aware of Minecraft. Minecraft is a game where a player can make their world. Construct the place as they want.

This game can be played in Multiplayer as well. You can play on different servers with different players as well. Or else, you can create your world on a server and play the game with your friends. All you need to do is invite your friend to the world you have created. Once they accept the request, you will be playing with them. And be constructing your world with your friends.

Minecraft is such a game that you cannot get bored with it. And it can be played anytime you want. Understanding Minecraft might take some time. But once you get the hang of it, you will love this game.

If you haven’t played Minecraft, install it now and start playing already. And also, tell your friends to install and play. You all can then enjoy the fun of this multiplayer game together.

Why Cant I Join My Friends Minecraft World – Reasons

When playing a game, you do not want to be interrupted. You want your game playing as smoothly as it can go. But it seems something is wrong!

If you have been playing Minecraft and are not able to play with your friends, there might be some issues. But what can be the reasons?

Here are some of the reasons why you are not able to join your friend’s Minecraft world:

  • Change in Server
  • Issue in Friend List
  • Unsafe or unprotected server
  • Minecraft World entry is not permitted

The above mention reasons can be why you are not able to join your friend’s Minecraft world. There are other reasons as well why you are not able to join your friend’s Minecraft world. Let’s see in brief how the reasons affect you in joining your friend’s world.

Change in Server

It might happen that you and your friend are using a different server. It would be best if you discussed with your friend which server he has made the Minecraft world. Then, this trouble of not joining the world can be avoided.

The server difference can let you not join the Minecraft world that your friend has created. Moreover, you should re-check the server through which you are trying to join.

Issue In Friend List

This is quite a rare occurrence, but it is possible. Sometimes, the friend who has made Minecraft World has a default friend list. This is no one’s fault. It is there from the beginning.

The friend list of your friend just needs to be changed. That will permit you to join his Minecraft world. Then, you can easily join in. All you have to do is open the game and go to settings. You will find an option as a friend list. Consequently, make the required changes, and then you will see that you can join your friend’s Minecraft world.

why cant i join my friends minecraft world

Unsafe or Unprotected Server

The server that Minecraft World is made it might not be safe. That is, some servers carry the virus with them. At that time, your game does not allow you to enter that server and play the game.

In such a case, Antivirus software is required to get rid of the virus. Then only the server will be safe to play Minecraft.

This is because some of the users of Minecraft are using the free version of the game. This is not the original but the Apk file that has been installed. This leads to the entry of an unknown virus into the system. Your game is why not let you enter the server to not let the virus enter your system.

Minecraft World Entry is Not Permitted

You might be thinking, how is that possible. But it can be possible in your system as well as your friend’s system. Your system has a default setting. So, the setting is thus needed to be changed soon after you have installed the game.

The setting of Minecraft does not let you play on different servers with your friend. And also, that default setting is only not allowing you to join your friend’s Minecraft world.

You can just start your game. Go to the settings of the game. And look for the permissions of the game. If you see it, you will understand what is creating the problem. Make the necessary changes required, and you will be able to enter your friend’s Minecraft world.

why cant i join my friends minecraft world

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried all of these, do not wait too long and make the required changes. And then, try playing the game with your friend. If then, you can join your friend’s Minecraft world, then you have successfully solved the issue.

If you are someone who hasn’t played the game, do not wait too long. So, install the original version and also tell your friends. And start playing this amazing multiplayer game.

Let us know if the blog – why cant I join my friends Minecraft world, gave you the information that you were looking for or not. Also, share this blog with those who want to learn about why they are not able to join their friend’s Minecraft world!



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