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Aptitude and psychometric testing are usual features for recruitment by companies worldwide. The implication for the word psychometric stands for mind measurement. Psychometric tests are scientific and standard tests for measuring individuals’ behavioral styles and mental proficiencies. The main aim of conducting the psychometric test is to measure the suitability of the individual for the job role based on aptitude and personality characteristics. Let’s glimpse through a few important facets of psychometric tests and their importance to recruit the best fit. This blog belongs to Psychometric Test To Recruit The Best Fit For The Job Role.

What is a psychometric test?

The talents and skills of an individual are tested with psychometric tests. Few tests are aptitude questions, reasoning questions, scenario-based questions, ability-based questions, personality profile questions as well as motivation questionnaires. In order to objectify non-measurable parameters, these tests are a perfect solution.

For example, to access the creative inclination of a person, a monitoring period is mandatory. this may take about two days and is a long way to access the creativity of the person. Another main aspect is that the observation is usually biased by the observer’s understanding. In such scenarios, a psychometric test is best as it offers objective results without the need for any biasing. The psychometric tests are based on quality principles and hence are of good accuracy and precision.

What psychometric test measures?

Four important aspects of human personality are measured in a psychometric test. They are

  • Positive personality traits
  • Dark personality traits
  • Motivation, value, preferences
  • Cognitive ability

Positive personality traits: Many organizations make use of evidence-based, innovative assessments that assist in measuring the relative personality traits mandatory for important work. It associates with behavioral competencies that result in organizational outcome interest. This assessment assists employers to know the hidden details of the employer or applicant. This is beneficial in knowing the employer’s behavior at work.

Dark personality traits

Organizations these days have more work pressure, low patience, and workplaces stand out to be a perfect destination for initiating dark traits. In this way there is the danger for the safety of employees, work culture and customers as well. In that way, there are organizations that have a dark personality inventory trait that has about six dark traits. They are insensitivity, self-obsession, opportunism, impulsiveness, temperamental, and thrill-seeking. The main aim of dark personality traits is to measure the negative personality constructs in applicants or employees. Another best aspect of the personality diagnostic is to add to a greater goal for assuring workplace safety.

Motivation, value, and preferences

This test is perfect to test the motivational level of an applicant to elevate in an organization. The test for motivation provides an in-depth vision of the factors that motivate and drive an individual to effectively perform in an organization. The more engaging and motivating an applicant is the more success rate for the organization. In this test about eight key motivators are measured under three needs such as relatedness needs, sustainability needs, and growth needs.

Cognitive ability

The cognitive evaluation is the best way to find the cognitive ability of an applicant. Here organizations follow fluid reasoning where the applicant’s capability to observe aspects and absorb the latest information for handling and solving issues are necessary.  Crystallized reasoning is another evaluation where the applicant’s capability to retrieve and utilize the data for life-time for performing tasks are measured. Cognitive ability also evaluates the employee or applicant with visual, spatial and abstract reasoning.

What are the types of psychometric tests?

  1. Aptitude and ability tests 

This test measures the cognitive capability of the applicant. The test comprises of questions that have a single right answer for applicants to solve within a fixed time. For measuring the fluid intelligence of the employee or applicant taking this test is mandatory. the test analyses the individual’s capability to reason, solve and think many issues.

From these tests, employers measure the past experiences of applicants and the way they apply it in a provided situation. The general aptitude tests measure the observation of candidates and consist of everything from quantitative, logical and verbal reasoning. Organizations hence conduct various aptitude tests based on their niche such as aptitude tests for teachers, designers, reasoning ability and cognitive abilities assessment.

  1. Personality and aptitude tests

An individual’s way of looking at things and approaching it represents the behavior of the individual. In that manner, this test follows five personality models called the ocean model of openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and agreeableness.

Every organization desires to know if their applicants or employees behavior whether they would do the best with the team, work to excel, coping with criticism, personality assessment and more. These tests are important in an organization as they assess the motivators, behavior, and thoughts of an applicant or employee. In that manner, organizations conduct a variety of tests such as employee engagement assessment, psychometric tests for promotion and personality profiler.

Why psychometric tests?

In order to retain employees or hiring employees, these two tests are mandatory. It is equally important to access the skills and emotions of an individual before hiring the applicant. It is a good psychometric test that shows an employee’s capability to withstand tough situations, to handle stress, and the type of characteristics he or she reveals at times of need.  A psychometric test measures the mind of an individual that cannot be assessed in an interview. Also, the behavioral traits of an employee are tough to analyze in an interview and hence figured out with the help of a psychometric test.


There are ample companies that offer inventory for assessments resulting in smoother and quicker hiring. By measuring the mental ability of the employees the retention rate, as well as hiring, is better. Psychometric tests have become a primary aspect of any organizational recruitment process.

These tests provide an overall evaluation of the applicant and choose the best individual for the job role. They also assist in analyzing the future employee’s performance thereby enhancing employee retention. With such excellent benefits, a psychometric test is an important parameter to follow in an organization during the recruitment and for employee assessment.


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