Google Penalties

Google continues to modify its ranking algorithm in an attempt to deliver relevant and optimized search results to the users. In fact, Google changes its algorithm more than 100 times in a single year. And, if website owners fail to comply with these changing algorithms, they might have to deal with Google penalties. In this article, you will know about List Of Google Penalties and How to Recover From Them?

If you have seen a sudden drop in your organic traffic, there is a good chance that you are dealing with the Google penalty, and it is time for you to leverage Google penalty recovery services. In this article, we are sharing some of the common Google penalties, and how you can recover from them – 

  1. Google Penguin 

Links carry a great deal of weight with regard to rankings. The more links you carry, the better opportunities for your website to rank higher for the chosen keywords. However, if you spam your websites with links generated from low-quality sources will get the website penalized under Google penguin. This penalty seeks out for unnatural link patterns and penalizes websites that engage in dubious practices. 

If your content adheres to the quality standards, then backlinks generated to the website are likely to get the blame. Google penalty recovery services use tools to conduct an extensive audit of your links. Look out for any links that are clearly from spammy sources as they can have a negative impact on the search engine rankings. Next, you have to send emails to the webmaster to remove the links. You can also use tools that have Google disregard the links. 

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2. Google Panda 

In order to rank as many pages of your website in the search results, some webmasters publish low-quality or plagiarized content. This created a problem of users being directed to irrelevant pages or websites filled with ads. Google launched the Panda update in 2011 in an attempt to deal with the issues of websites publishing low-quality content.

This enabled more authoritative websites to gain more visibility and rank higher. If your website has content that offers no relevant information or is copied from other sources, you are most likely to get penalized with the Panda update. 

The sooner you can resolve quality-related issues associated with your website by leveraging Google penalty recovery services, the better it will be for your site ranking. Additionally, if your website was penalized with the Panda update you need to perform a thorough content audit. This process involves assessing every page and ranking their quality. 

3. Mobile Update 

The use of smartphones has witnessed massive growth over the years, owing to internet penetration and technological advancements. Google recognized this growing shift and launched its mobile update. With this update, Google made mobile-friendliness a ranking factor. The idea was to ensure that the user gets a seamless search experience irrespective of what device they are using.

You should take the mobile-friendly test provided by Google in order to determine whether or not your site is optimized for mobiles. If not, you can cater to this issue in a different manner. You have to invest in responsive design, which dynamically adjusts to versatile screen resolutions and comes with various SEO advantages. Once you have done that, your website will be crawled and indexed again. 

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Above are some of the important penalties for which you need Google penalty recovery services. If you need expert’s help in resolving the penalty, you can rely on Google penalty recovery services by Infidigit, Mumbai. Their team of experts will provide the required quality assistance and help you overcome the penalty. The sooner you deal with the issues, the better it will be for the ranking of your website. 


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