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As all we know, social media is a platform for major of the world’s population to meet random people around the world. It provides a great platform to interact with new people with various free apps and websites where we chat free with no registration. Omegle is one of the apps where you can video chat with random people around the world. But there lies an issue with time; Omegle became overpopulated, so people started looking for Omegle alternatives to get rid of this issue.

However, in this article, we will show you the top ten best Omegle alternatives. And all those alternatives are secure and safe and most of them are free so that you guys can make your best decision out of it.

Omegle Like Website in 2020

1. Chatroulette

Chatroulette It is the largest free online chat and video chat platform worldwide where millions of random people meet and daily more than millions of users visit this website. It was founded by a 17-year-old teenager in 2009 who adopted the Russian roulette game for pairs. There are millions of people connected worldwide through this website, all the time, new languages and countries shown in it.

You can choose your talking partner randomly, community, or only with a woman. It is a safe website for both new and old users. So if you are finding the best alternative for Omegle, then this website can be the one. You can talk through emails, microphones, and videos here.

This website pairs you with random users according to your interest. You can draw on the chatbox to make conversation fun, and you can also change font size, also save your chats and see the history of your chats. You can also choose your video chats and set a particular language.

Visit Chatroulette

2. Tinychat

It is one of the best Omegle alternatives. There are plenty of platforms available nowadays to meet new random people online from around the world. Millions of users allow you to meet various crazy people, send and receive unlimited messages, know them well and explore their feelings.

Tinychat provides you with an option to leave the chat room, which you do not like. You can also make your chat room or join any other chat room with your liking or disliking. Tinychat’s main aim is to provide random friendly people from all around the world to their users. They provide access to thousands of chat rooms. Also, you can make your chat room and access that.

Visit Tinychat

3. Faceflow

Faceflow is also one of the best alternatives for Omegle. It allows their user to video chat with three users and connects via voice and text. This website is best for all users who want to make random online friends and enjoy it with them. One of the best about this app is it’s 100% free and takes no update.

Still, you have the option to meet random strangers online; the best feature about this website is that you can share YouTube videos, pictures, and profiles.

Moreover, it is more useful than other chatting-based platforms because it provides more fun and features. Also, face flow launched a new game called flappy. Users are encouraged to make their profiles and share their favorite pictures and videos from YouTube.

Visit Faceflow

4. Chatrandom

Chatrandom is one of the best and famous chatting platforms available on the internet today. It has a simple interface with no hidden charges. The best thing about this site is you can chat anywhere around the world at any time you want. The people you want to meet and chat depends on your choice of interest. You can set your random selection.

Chatrandom selects random users according to your interest and connects you with them. According to my opinion, Chatrandom is the best alternative for Omegle in 2019. This website is also on another List of webcam sites that pair their users to other website users.

Moreover, it allows users to connect through a webcam to each other, making it a perfect Omegle replacement. It also has filters like gender selection and a special filter for couples. On that random, there are two types of chat available like text chat or video chat.

Visit Chatrandom

5. Chatki

It is a platform that allows users to meet with random people and chat with them. Chatki is a website to chat with different people all over the world anonymously. However, it is the same as Omegle where you can chat with random strangers. Moreover, this website is a Chatrandom sister company, so if you have a Chatrandom premium subscription, you can also use it here.

It is a safe and secure platform where you can chat with random people around the world. Moreover, it also provides you with information like how many people are online. You can easily interact with a random stranger without any restriction. It also provides you with an option to choose people. You can also leave a conversation without any worries.

Visit Chatki

6. Ome.TV

Ome.TV is the best platform to meet fascinating people and build new friendships. It connects users through video and audio chats to strangers according to their interests. This platform is more famous among the younger generations. It is the fastest way to talk and meet new people online.

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t show any ads, so without getting any pop-up ads, you can enjoy your conversation with people without getting disturbed. Ome.TV is available for both Android and iOS users. Ome.TV allows you to talk with people without disclosing your identity, which means you can anonymously talk to strangers. You can keep your details anonymous until you feel trustworthy with the people.

It is the perfectly designed website with a simple interface compared to other messaging platforms. By this, you easily find people with similar interests and activities.

Visit Ome.TV

7. Chatous

It is one of the best chatting apps available around the world and the best Omegle alternatives. You can send and receive audio files, share high-quality images, or even video chat with others. If you find an app replacement for Omegle, Chatous is the best for Android and iPhone users.

You can choose a chat room with your wish and interest and then participate in a chat room with different people, interact with random people, and have the conversation. This Chatous app has a feature that allows you to remove offensive and abusive content. It is one of the best chatting webcam sites.

Download Chatous

8. Shagle

Shagle chats are becoming increasingly popular day by day. It provides a platform for different users for random chatting with others around the world. Recently it is becoming one of the best alternatives for Omegle that Android users download to their devices. Shagle provides great options like text chat, video chat, online users, country.

Moreover, using Shagle you can chat with random people online. Some Shagle services come with some unique features that make it easy and fun for their consumer to enjoy their casual cam. It will also make it easier for you to meet people and make new friends. One of its prominent attributes is the ‘random chat feature’ that connects you with random strangers and can share your feelings with them.

Visit Shagle

9. Fruzo

Fruzo is also one of the websites that provide web chat services and dating social media site. On this site, people find their matches, follow new people, and make friends.

It provides a search function to allow their users to search for links based on gender, place, age, location, place, and other keywords. This site is available for both Android and iPhone users. This website also has a mobile app which makes it handy and easy to use anywhere.

Moreover, it is a platform where we can find potential matches, make video chats, and follow other users. After logging in, you can upload as many photos as you like.

Visit Fruzo

10. Camsurf

Camsurf is one of the latest online applications where you can date, talk, and connect with strangers. With the help of this application, you can do video chat with any stranger friend. It has the advantage of chatting with people without any registering or logging in. Without these things, you can easily access this app.

The best function of cam surf is you can find people according to your liking or disliking.

Android users can easily access this application to their devices. This app is always updated with some new fun features which allow users not to get bored. Camsurf has some rules and regulations for safety and security, making it one of the best-trusted applications for strangers to chat and date.

This app is perfect for users who want to connect, date and talk with strangers through video. It allows users to chat without registering or logging in.

Visit Camsurf

Bottom line

All the alternative chat websites and given in this guide will help you find and meet new strange people worldwide. However, you won’t have to spend a lot of money. You can use them free also, and if you are interested in upgrading your account, they will give you better options. Lastly, these chat websites are one of the Omegle alternatives that you can use.


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