how old is jimmy jj walker

Jimmy JJ Walker needs no new introduction! If you are someone who watches the television, even once is sure to see this super known face! Known for his extraordinary comic and acting skills, Jimmy JJ Walker has become a topic of discussion for many. With a super large fanbase, people around the world want to know how old is Jimmy JJ Walker!

So, if you call yourself a true Jimmy JJ Walker fan and are looking for all the relevant information about this handsome man, you’ve indeed stumbled upon the right place! Below we will take you through Jimmy JJ Walker’s life and how he has reached the position he is in right now! Let’s take a dive right in!

Jimmy JJ Walker

Who is Jimmy JJ Walker?

Jimmy JJ Walker is also known as James Carter Walker Junior. He is a renowned name in the American film industry. James Carter Walker Jr. played the role of the elder son in the television series Good Times. For this role, he was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor in the Golden Globes awards in 1975 and 1976.

Jimmy JJ Walker’s Parents, Siblings & Early Life!

Jimmy’s birthplace is Brooklyn in New York. However, he did not spend his adulthood there. Walker spent his adolescence and adulthood in The Bronx, which is a part of New York state.

Since Jimmy was born in America, he holds American citizenship. However, he does have a lineage of ancestors who belong to Africa. Thus, Walker has an Afro-American background.

Jimmy studied at the Theodore Roosevelt High School, which is present in New York City. Jimmie Carter’s father, James Carter Walker, was a Pullman Porter in his profession. Junior Walker’s mother, Lorena Walker, was known to be the head of the nurse department and was also involved in all odd works.

Jimmy Walker’s Childhood Trauma

Fans have a unique inquisitiveness about their favorite personalities life and want to know more about their struggles. Likewise, Jimmie was traumatized when his mother was a victim of domestic violence.

The famous face’s father had a bad habit of being assaultive, which resulted in several bruises on Lorena’s body. Seeing this violence repeatedly in his childhood, we can conclude that it wasn’t a happy place for Jimmie to live in. So, he ended up staying with Beverly Walker, his brother.

Jimmie JJ Walker Physical Information

Coming back to answering our fan’s queries, how old is Jimmy JJ Walker! Well, Jimmy is 74 years of age as of now. His birth date is June 25, 1947.

However, Walker’s dedication towards fitness has kept him fit and fine! He has a height of around 1.8 meters, which is generally considered tall.

Walker is extremely conscious about his health and maintains a weight of approximately 82kgs.

Is Jimmie Walker married?

Another question that every fan wishes to know is this! Jimmie Walker has been in Hollywood for a really long time, but his nature is to keep things absolutely private.

Fans have assumed that the American comedian and actor were married. But later on, in an interview in 2012, he revealed the fact that he did not marry. So, all assumptions went in vain!

Does Jimmy JJ Walker have children?

Walker clearly stated that he has no children. However, he claims to have had several romantic encounters with many women.

Jimmie JJ Walker in Good Times

What does Jimmy JJ Walker do?

Jimmy began his career as a full-timer in the radio station – WRVR, which is at the Riverside Church. However, he did not only stick to that two years later, but he also began exploring the entertainment industry all the more as a standup comedian.

Walker made several appearances on television on the Jack Paar Show, and Laugh-In. Finally, his stellar performances gave him a breakthrough in Good Times, and that took a good turn in this career.

With utmost dedication and stellar performance, Walker was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor. If you are a Jimmie fan, then you can see him several other shows like The Love Boat (1977), Tattletales (1974), Tony Orlando and Dawn (1974), and many more.

Author Ann Coulter and actor Jimmie Walker

Jimmy JJ Walker Movies

Jimmy JJ Walker was seen in around nine movies as well. Some of them are Rabbit Test (1978), The Guyver (1991), Big and Money Rustlas (2010), Going Bananas (1988), Let’s do it Again (1975), and Airplane (1980).

Jimmy JJ Walker was seen in David E. Talbert’s movie What Goes Around Comes Around in 2012 and Super Shark in 2012.

Jimmy JJ Walker’s Achievements & Accolades

Jimmy has driven a large fanbase for a reason. His repeated stellar performances have attracted several people towards him, and he has bagged himself a lot of fame. Alongside, Jimmy has received many awards for his spectacular performances.

Jimmy JJ Walker Net Worth

Every fan wants to know about their admirable person’s net worth, and so we could not refrain from mentioning this. Right now, Jimmy JJ Walker’s net worth is around $1 million. And this fortune is something the actor has achieved with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Jimmy JJ Walker is a person with strong values, and thus, this has gained him the love and admiration from people all across the globe.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of the blog, we hope you know everything you wanted to know about Jimmy JJ Walker, how old he is, and much more.

At the age of 74, Jimmy is absolutely active and fit. We wish this super talented person all the best in his life and may reach more heights in the future.




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