common problems of students

While students learn, they face a lot of impediments. Some of them are related to their studies. The others are of non-academic origin. Regardless of their numbers and kinds, they all seriously interfere with the normal process of learning. As a result, they negatively affect the academic progress of students. Undoubtedly, any problem has a solution and it must be found used quickly and effectively.

To solve any problem, it’s necessary to recognize and understand it. For example, many students struggle with a certain assignment or subject. They may lack proper writing skills. Once they realize the problem, they seek some solutions. One of such is to use the help of academic writing companies. Such platforms offer top-quality assistance on time. They don’t even charge a lot. Students find the lowest price and solve their writing complications. Let’s review the most common problems and proper methods to overcome them.

Low Motivation

One of the common problems of students is low motivation or even a complete lack of it. Students who study in a college or university for the first year or two are commonly highly motivated. As time passes, they begin to lose their passion. Their studying seems to be less important and meaningless. Consequently, they miss a lot of classes, don’t fulfill their homework, and something of the kind.

It’s necessary to understand the reasons, which lessened your motivation. This is the first step to overcome the trouble. Consider the following list of possible factors:

  • Too much stress;
  • You’re too tired;
  • You have problems with a definite subject;
  • You may not like some professors;
  • Constant worrying about failure;
  • Some subjects are boring;
  • Problems with health, etc.

Study our list attentively. Perhaps you recognize one or even several factors, which negatively affect your motivation. Afterward, start to work them out. Try to find inspiration to solve the troubles and be enthusiastic about your studies.

To successfully deal with such an issue, think about things that motivate you. Among such may be:

  • Satisfaction when you complete your tasks;
  • High grades;
  • Praising and recognition from your teachers;
  • Respect from your friends;
  • Different rewards, etc.

Too Many Distractions

Most students have complications with proper concentration. Oftentimes, the main reasons for that are different forms of distractions, which surround them. Sometimes, they surround themselves with distractions and don’t even realize that. Let’s highlight the most typical forms of distraction:

  • Social media. Youngsters spend heaps of time on social media. Using such platforms as Facebook or Instagram, they constantly chat, review videos, images, and read comments. It turns into a dangerous habit. Students stop fulfilling their academics.
  • Video games. Many folks are fond of computer games. They seem to be completely obsessed and so, they don’t give heed to their academic progress.
  • TV. Almost everyone watches TV. Students are no exception. They spend many hours watching movies, favorite shows, etc.
  • Other people. Another obstacle appears because of other people. They surround students on the campus, in the dormitory, and even in their rooms. Their noises and constant talk greatly distract.

To overcome the problem, maintain concentration. Try different techniques to create an imaginary barrier against others. Of course, it’s not enough. When you’re busy with your assignments, turn off your smartphone, TV, laptop (unless it’s required to study), stop chatting on social media and talking to other people. If it’s possible, go to a silent place. It may be a library or some café. Create an appropriate atmosphere.

Problems with Memory

It’s of great importance to have a good memory when we study. Otherwise, the whole process becomes meaningless. One ought to keep in memory important facts, dates, names, rules, etc. However, some people simply don’t have a big memory capacity. Fortunately, you can solve this issue too. You may undertake the following measures:

  • Be always focused, disciplined, and organized;
  • Make instant notes;
  • Use rhyming;
  • Apply a method of associations;
  • Use a photographic memory and visualize;
  • Do your homework listening to your favorite music;
  • Check every theory on practice;
  • Write stories about the most complex terms and topics;
  • Ensure healthy sleep.

These methods can be used separately or in combination. Besides, you may apply mnemonics. It’s an interesting method when a person translates information into an alternative form to understand and memorize it better.

A Lack of Time

Another typical trouble for students is a lack of time. It always seems to slip away and it’s never enough to cope with academic tasks and duties properly. Students experience problems with time management because of:

  • A lack of discipline;
  • Disorganization;
  • Inattentiveness;
  • Forgetfulness;
  • Inappropriate schedule;
  • A wrong system of prioritization, etc.

If you want to overcome problems with time management, consider the following prompts:

  • Create a strict schedule;
  • Take into account every task you have;
  • Prioritize your tasks and duties;
  • Never violate your deadlines;
  • Turn the accomplishment of your tasks into your habit.

Problems with Writing

The issue of poor writing skills is common for students from all around the globe. It has different forms. Many students have poor grammar, problems with spelling, punctuation, stylistics, readability of their texts, and something of the kind.

The best piece of advice we can give is to constantly practice. You should never stop and try different methods to enhance your writing skills. Follow the next steps:

  • Devote at least 2 hours to writing practice;
  • Read a lot of writing guides and manuals;
  • Mimic writing styles of famous authors;
  • Enlarge your vocabulary;
  • Write short stories every day;
  • Control your time;
  • Adapt to different writing techniques.

Make sure you try everything from our list. Thus, you’ll sufficiently enhance your writing skills. There are also a couple of alternatives. Hire a personal tutor or use the assistance of academic writing services.

Keep these facts in your mind. You surely face some of them and the others may become your problem in the future. Take notes about the methods we have highlighted in the text. Thus, you have great chances to overcome or even prevent such problems.


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