How to increase your social media engagement

As of January 2019, there are 3.48 billion social media users worldwide. It is a significant
number, especially for brands. Having a social media account and posting on it continuously is
important if you want to reach the audience globally.
If the brands use social media in the right manner, it can have positive effects for your business.
It will not only boost your traffic, but help increase your conversion rate too. But in order to get
more leads, a business needs high social media engagement. For that, you can use numerous
strategies one being using quality content. In this blog, we will learn about some tips that will
help you increase your social media engagement.

Let’s begin…

1. Join and make groups on social media related to your industry

When you are new in the market or on social media, you won’t have many followers. In order to
get some followers, it is recommended to join or make groups or discussion forums on social
media. When you join a group, talk about your field and industry and not only about your brand.
Get a chance to know the people and use that knowledge to build your social media.
Also, make some groups of your own and invite influencers to have a conversation or
discussion. Let the other leads sometimes and come up with a topic, instead of only your brand.

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2. Show the audience your personality

Your viewers would love to meet the person or team behind a brand. So, it is a great strategy to
publish some behind the scene videos or videos that shows your team interacting with the
audience and so on.
You can also post some pictures of an informal or formal event r get t together and much more.
It will help the audience build a personal relationship with you.

3. Join or have a session of question-answers

Consumers have many questions before they buy a product. They usually seek review or
answers to a particular product before making a decision between various brands. If your brand
can engage with the consumers, and answer the question, providing valuable information, you
will get noticed. Also, it will make you the go-to seller, and you will be ahead of your
Remember, trying to be the first won't help you if you provide irrelevant or confusing data.

4. Use attractive visuals

The human brain processes visuals faster than any other form of data. Also, visuals are
engaging, and you can easily use them as an effective medium of post. But always use fresh
and original images, copying someone else’s idea will certainly backfire on you.

Videos and infographics and memes are the best and most popular types of visuals on social
media these days. It is easy to create your own original infographic using the Canva infographic templates.

5. Share content of other users

Sometimes you may come across a post that you like, or you may not have an answer to a
query, but someone else might. At times like these, don’t hesitate to share other people's
content. You will have to give due credits and take permission. But in the long run, this is a great
strategy as people love a brand who can share other people’s content. It shows that the brand
values the customers and their satisfaction more than themselves.

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These tips will help you get more followers and boost your engagement levels too. Just
remember that social media is a place where everyone is equal and wants to gain valuable
information. So, don’t only talk about your product or brand, talk about other things too and
spread positivity and useful message.


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