Bags under eye treatment

The lids and skin around the eyes can swell and become saggy. They even develop dark circles and diminish your appearance. Some of the main causes of eye bags are fatigue, allergies, aging, sun exposure, eczema, and pigment problems. Yes, you can wear additional layers of makeup to cover the blemishes. But, only the bags under eye treatment can improve the complexion and look.

Top home-based bags under eye treatment

Primarily, you have to focus on fitness, hygiene, and health. But the skin sagging can also get inherited through genes. So, a long-term strategy is essential to find the right type of remedy. You can try cosmetic medicines and surgeries, but the following home therapies are also effective:

Healthy foods for bags under eye treatment

Nutritious food has a therapeutic effect on both eyes and the skin. Consume vitamin C rich items such as orange, kale, strawberries, broccoli, and red peppers. They increase collagen production and improve the body’s absorption of hyaluronic acid. And the eye muscles and tissues become stronger.

Also, eat iron-rich products like red meat, pork, seafood, and peas. You should also consume bread, cereals, pulses, beans, and leafy greens like spinach. They fight anemia, improve blood flow, and make the skin glow. The dark circles under the eyes will disappear as the oxygen supply increases. However, you should avoid salty snacks, packed, and processed foods as they make the eyes puffy.

Oil massages can give relief to the skin

The skin can sag under the eyes due to pollution, stress, and others. But you do not have to worry as essential oils are effective remedies. They contain natural anti-oxidants as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. These oils are very helpful in lowering the puffiness.

Mix one teaspoonfuls of water, lavender, lemon, and chamomile oil. Massage this oil mixture under the eyes in a gentle fashion. Make sure that the oil does not come in contact with your eyes. Leave the oil overnight, and repeat every night for relief. You can also try to massage using extra virgin coconut oil. It will act as a moisturizer, soothe, and nourish the skin with essential nutrients.

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Clear the sinuses with a neti pot

Sinus infection, hay fever, and other allergies cause nasal congestion. They block the blood flow and lead to an inflammation under the eyes. The nasal cavity can get cleared by using the neti pot. It is a teapot-like device with a very narrow spout. Fill the pot with tepid, salty water, and put the spout in the nostril. Next, pour the water into your nose to remove the infected mucus and other dust and debris.

This bags under eye treatment is not an easy task for first-time users. Tilt the head and open the mouth for breathing. Use 1/2 tsp of salt with 1 cup of lukewarm water for effective results.

Stay hydrated for a smoother skin

Dehydration is neither good for the skin, nor the body. Remember, water constitutes more than 60% of your weight. Consume an adequate amount of water and enjoy a clean and healthy skin tone. Men and women should consume around 13 to 9 cups per day respectively. It is best to avoid calorie-rich sugary, flavored, sparkling, or fruity water. Drinking hot or cold beverages like tea and coffee is also helpful.

Caffeinated tea for bags under eye treatment

Green and black tea bags can reduce the puffiness under the eyes. The caffeine in the tea is an effective antidote to fluid accumulation. Take two bags and soak them in warm water for 5 minutes. Place them on the eyelids and cover them with a soft, white cloth. Try this warm teabag therapy for half an hour to see good results.

If you prefer green bags, then chill them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Put them on the eyelids for about 10 to 15 minutes. It will reduce swelling, redness, and puffiness around the eyes.

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Find the right sleeping posture

Eight hours of sleep can improve facial skin complexion. It can also remove the shadowy, dark circles under the eyes. Also, find the correct sleeping posture with an elevated position for your head and upper body.

You can rely on special bed risers, normal or wedge pillows to increase the height by just a few inches. This posture will prevent the accumulation of fluids under the lower eyelids. Besides, it will reduce the chances of skin puffiness, sagging, and darkening.

Healthy lifestyle

Physical exercise and an active lifestyle are necessary for good health. The body and mind also become receptive to positive energy. Negative habits on the other hand can increase stress and lead to skin blemishes. They also make the eyes droop, and the surrounding skin gets saggy and puffed.

The bags under eye treatment is not restrictive to massages. Avoid or quit smoking to slow down the aging process. It also improves vitamin C and skin collagen content. Besides, the wrinkles will also subside quickly. You can also cut down on alcohol as it leads to dehydration and discoloration around the eyes.

Cucumber for bags under eye treatment

Cucumber is an easily available vegetable in the market. You can use it to get rid of eye bags and irritation. Cut the cucumber into smaller slices and freeze them for 10 to 15 minutes. Place the chilled slices over the eyelids. Sit or lie down while leaving them on for about 10 to 20 minutes.

The fiber-rich slices will reduce the itching and irritation of the skin. The cold cucumber is also effective in reducing the swelling. Moreover, it is a very efficient home remedy to get rid of the dark circles around the eyes. The vegetable is one of the finest beauty remedies for wrinkles too. You can try cold compress with a chilled teaspoon, frozen cucumber, and a wet, frosty, soft cloth.

These home remedies are effective in treating skin discoloration. However, you should be concerned if there is redness, pain, itching, or infection. Otherwise, continue these simple treatments at home for long-term relief.


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