personalized printed matter for a theme party

When you give a theme party you want to be original in the decoration. Personalized printed matter can help you on your way. And we’re not talking about printing a simple banner. In this article, we will show you some examples of original printing for parties.

Use various types of stickers

You can have various types of stickers Personalized printed (translation: stickers laten drukken) for the decoration of the party. Think for example of stickers for the window, floor or wall. You can also use stickers to close an envelope. This is ideal for the invitations you are going to send for the party.

Cocktail sticks with your own design

Steal the show with your bites and have cocktail sticks printed (translation: cocktailprikkers bedrukken) in the style of the party. Make sure you score points! All you have to do is take care of the bites.

Preparing menus

A menu with your own design can complete your party. Create a festive menu from the dinner or cocktails you’re going to serve at the party. For example, you can present the menus on the table or put them on the plates.

Table arrangement cards

For the table arrangement, you can print cards in business card format with the name of the guest on them. Add a personalized message to make the card personal.

Printed glasses

Did you know that you can also provide glassware with your own logo, text or other design? This can be engraved or printed on the glass. How cool is it to give your wine, beer, champagne or lemonade glasses their own design?

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Wristbands as a memento

You can design wristbands as entrance tickets for your guests. In addition, it is a super fun souvenir of the party when it is sadly over. You can print many types and colors of wristbands and make them extra festive with glitter or gold / silver foil.

Printing slippers

Is the party during the summer and will there be a lot of dancing? Avoid sore feet! The solution is simple: place a basket with printed slippers so your guests can change from heels to comfortable slippers. This will certainly be appreciated.

Nowadays you can print on almost all materials. So these are just a few examples of Personalized printed matter materials you can use for a theme party. What would you like to use to dress up a theme party?


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